The Best Games To Play On Labor Day


Looking for something fun to do this Labor Day? You could hang out and watch TV. You could clean out the garage. You could get that one last day in at the beach. Those are all great ideas, but every Labor Day, we see a spike in traffic at with folks looking to make a little money and have some fun doing it.

There are lots of great games to play at, so if you’re looking for something cool to do, consider our favorite Labor Day Bingo picks, sign up for a free account, and get cracking.

Bingo Tournaments

Who says you have to work hard to make a killing? Labor Day, despite its name, is all about sitting back and relaxing. But you can still make cash by playing in a Bingo Tournament. Simply pay your buy-in fee and starting playing Bingo once the tournament begins. Your goal is to get the most complete Bingo cards in the specified time period. And remember, because you’re playing online, the number daubing is automatic. See? We told you there’s no work on Labor Day.

Slot Tournaments isn’t just about playing Bingo games. We’ve got a huge selection of slot games too. But before you spend your time figuring out which slot machine you like the best, we recommend giving a slots tournament a chance. You can try a free one. Just register and you’ll be given a set amount of credits. Your goal is to have the greatest number of credits by the time the clock runs out. But remember, if you lose all your credits, you’re out. There are real money slot tourneys to choose from too, so have a look around.

Fire & Ice

Labor Day is always an interesting holiday. It marks the end of summer and the lead-up to fall. If you live in the northern United States, the leaves start changing and the air starts to bite with a bit of a chill. OK, that might not be true this year. Parts of the country is experiencing a late August / early September heat wave. Labor Day can’t decide whether it wants to be the start of fall or the end of summer, so the Fire & Ice is the perfect indecisive game that fits the theme. The slots game features three reels and one line. There’s a wild symbol and a progressive jackpot, so you could find yourself winning like a champion this Labor Day Weekend.