The Perfect Holiday Bingo Fundraiser

Fundraisers have been a part of church and community groups for a long time. These groups will typically have a standing “Bingo Night” throughout the year. Normally, it will either be once a week or once a month and will be very basic in design. However, around the holidays, it is a good idea to infuse some fun and interest into these events. Holding a holiday bingo fundraiser just may be the best idea.

Church and community groups will usually have a large congregation with a common locale, and probably have more than a handful of members who like to play bingo. So getting the word out to everyone shouldn’t be difficult. Planning what to do and how to make it enjoyable, especially for the casual bingo fan, is a key to building your event for future years.

The first thing to consider when running any bingo event is which available bingo callers you have. Getting someone who is engaging and fun can cover up many other shortcomings of your event. For the holidays, it is a great idea to dress up your bingo callers as Santa. You can even take this a step further and have everyone else that is helping dress up as elves. If people love to play bingo, they would surely love to play bingo with Santa calling it. If you don’t have access to anyone who can do it, either Santa or otherwise, you can always opt to choose from one of the many holiday themed electronic bingo callers.

Just throwing Santa up there to be your bingo caller isn’t enough to turn a hum-drum bingo night into a holiday bingo fundraiser…but it’s a great start. You are going to want to create an atmosphere that’s festive and really drives home the theme of the holidays. Some ideas to consider in your planning are:

•Holiday decorations

•Holiday themed food and drinks (eggnog is a must!)

•Christmas music

•All prized geared toward Christmas

Get creative and think of other ways you can change the theme. Another way is to have your bingo callers remind everyone of the purpose of the fundraiser, and try to drive donations or other fundraising activities, such as raffles. Make the bingo fundraiser more of a festive event, and less of a bingo night. Encourage a toy drive for local children, or even a food or clothing drive for the homeless. Offer things like free bingo cards for donated items. Have some members of your group organize a bake sale, or partner with other events in the area to split the sales generated by offering to allow a table at your event.

Creating this type of event will allow everyone to enjoy the company of each other, while they play bingo. In addition, they could give to various charity outlets and feel good about giving during the holidays. Of course, try to get businesses to donate the prizes so that your bingo players are taken care of too. If there is value for the bingo players, they’ll come back every year.