The Glossary of Bingo

INNERBEST01062016We love bingo here at 123BingoOnline. We love it so much that we regularly pound out lengthy articles to help you get a better hold on the intricacies of the game. It seems like just yesterday that we released a great piece on some of the most useful bingo terminology designed to make you look like a pro when you visit the local bingo hall, but we’re back again with an article listing some of the other terms you’ll want to know before putting your bingo skills to the test against the regulars.

In the unlikely event that you’re not aware of the rules of bingo, let’s take a quick but thorough look. First, you’ll need to pay an admission cost that covers a packet of tickets to be used on the night’s games. Once you’ve got tickets in hand, take a seat. When the game starts, the caller will pull numbers from a tumbler and announce them. If the number corresponds to one of the numbers on your ticket, mark it with your dauber. Depending on the rules of your game, you’ll need to complete a predetermined pattern in order to win. Five in a row is a common option, as is a blackout of the entire card. If you find yourself with a card that matches the predetermined pattern, get to your feet and proudly announce your victory for all to hear. Bingo, indeed!

Now that we’re all on the same page and a few hundred words in, let’s get down to the reason for the article. The following are common bingo terms that may come in handy during your next trip to the local bingo hall. If you’re looking for a way to hone your bingo skills before stepping into the public spotlight, remember that 123BingoOnline offers bingo tournaments all the time, 24 hours a day. Practice makes perfect, so play often for the best results!

Any way – Not all bingo patterns need to be obtained on exact squares. For patterns that can be rotated, such as a ‘T’ shape, most games allow for wins in any direction. The common way to describe these win conditions is using this term.

Bingo Board – It’s best to catch the numbers as soon as the caller announces them, but sometimes the bingo action can be difficult to keep track of. For this reason, many bingo halls use electronic display boards that illuminate each number that has been called in the game.

Callers Choice – Selecting a pattern for each game is usually a spur-of-the-moment decision, and the person that makes the decision is the same person that announces the numbers throughout the games. In a bingo game that waits until game time to select win conditions, this term is most applicable.

Dauber – Remember in school when you used chocolate candies to mark your squares throughout the game? Adult bingo players usually go for something a little more permanent. This term refers to a specialized ink marker with a foam tip that’s great at marking off squares throughout the game.

FlimsiesBingo cards come in a lot of different formats, but cards printed on thin sheets of paper that are disposed of after each game are most common. This term refers to those cards, which can be easily marked with a dauber and thrown away when the bingo games are complete.

Hardway Bingo – If you’ve ever seen a bingo card, you’ve probably noticed the free space in the center. That square is usually a great tool for getting a quick win, but hardway rules make it more of a nuisance. In this type of game, your bingo can’t include the free space.

Lucky Jar – This is a container filled with cash that’s similar to a progressive jackpot in slots. Before each session, a lucky number is announced. Each time that number is called in a game, money is added to the jar. If you win with the lucky number, the pot is yours.

On – This simple term is used to describe a card that needs just one more number to complete a bingo. If you’re ‘on’, your fellow players know that it could be just a matter of moments before you’re on your feet celebrating a big win.

Up’s – This describes how many sheets are contained in a book of games. When you go to buy your bingo cards, you may say ‘6 on 10 Up’, meaning that you want a book of games that’s 10 pages thick with six cards on each page.

Wrap up – If the caller announces this term, your bingo adventure is nearing an end. Wrap up usually refers to the last game of a session, meaning that the time is right to claim a win if you haven’t already.

Those were some sweet bingo terms, right? Just think about how much your fellow players will envy your knowledge as you drop that professional terminology at the next big bingo event. While other newbies will be struggling to figure out the difference between a dauber and a flimsy, you’ll be standing tall with the admiration of the local bingo playing populace.

If there’s a bit of a break between the time you finish reading this and the next chance to play bingo at a bingo hall, remember that you can cash in on your current adrenaline by playing a few games at 123BingoOnline. No matter what time, day or night, 123BingoOnline is your one-stop shop for all of the bingo action you could ever want. If you’ve got any questions about creating an account, making a deposit, loading a game or cashing in on one of our generous welcome bonuses, feel free to contact our industry-leading customer support team via the Contact Us page of our website. Support is always available through a number of unique communications channels. The way we see it, you can never have too much bingo. If you feel the same way, we’re looking forward to seeing you at the next tournament.