The 5 celebrities we think would make great bingo callers

If you’re used to playing live bingo, you’re probably used to a traditional style of voice for your bingo caller. You know the voice we’re talking about. Loud, but calm. In control, but not in your face.

Online, depending on what site you choose to play at, the online bingo caller mimics the in-control voice you’d find in bingo halls and churches all over the country.

But most online bingo players don’t necessarily sit their and listen to what the online bingo caller has to say. Instead, they pay attention to the screen while listening to their favorite music or watching TV. So that got us thinking. What if you could take some of those voices on TV and music and get them into a bingo game? Not as players. But as online bingo callers.

So here it is. The top five celebrities we think would make great online bingo callers—even if they aren’t celebrity bingo players.

Lance Armstrong

Ok, we don’t think he’d actually be a great bingo caller. But he’s not really doing anything right now, right? And since the entire racing community has shunned him, he might be looking for something to do. So when it comes to celebrity bingo players and callers, Lance Armstrong might just be the perfect fit.

Barack Obama

We think the Commander in Chief would make a great Bingo Caller in Chief. Love him or loathe him, the president knows how to captivate an audience. When he talks, people listen. Unfortunately, his edge-of-your-seat pauses that he throws in between words could leave some online bingo players—both Democrat and Republicans—angry.

Morgan Freeman

He once played the President of the United States (who remembers Deep Impact?) but his speaking style is much different than Barry O’s. Still we’d love to hear him narrate a bingo game in classic Morgan Freeman style.


Whether you love his music or think he’s a sham, you’ll definitely get a kick out of the way this hip hop artists would call bingo balls. Just hop on over to iTunes and listen to one of his tracks if you’ve never heard the guy. Don’t like him? No worries. If you get tired of his hip hop online bingo caller style, you can ask him to go back to his Jimmy Brooks days from Degrassi, when he spoke a little clearer.


No, not Adam West from the ‘60s TV series. We’re talking about Christian Bale, the badassiest Batman in the history of everything. With his deep, raspy voice, we think his online bingo calling style would make every call feel like an edge-of-your-seat thrill of a lifetime.

Like our list? Think we could do better? Hit us up with a comment and add your top celebrity bingo players who you think would make great online bingo callers. If we use your idea in a future post, we’ll give you a shout out.