Teen Bingo Novice Wins £125,000 to Split with Mum


There is striking bingo news on the web this week. Abbie Doughty of no more than 18 years of age surprised the entire bingo community recently. Abbie won an unbelievable £125,000 bingo jackpot no more than one month after taking up the game. Talk about beginner’s luck. Abby was playing at the Barrow’s Apollo Bingo and Social Club in Hindpool, Cumbria. There she managed to nail a full house and scored a huge prize.

She was the first to call in the Barrow’s Apollo Bingo and Social Club that day. Her full house got her a very nice prize of £25,000. But that was not the end of that. That bingo hall was playing with a “star” number rule, meaning that if you had the specified number within your win, you would win an additional £100,000, and that is precisely what happened to young Abbie. She had the “star” number in her win and bagged the £100,000 prize for that. Her grand total win came to be £125,000.

She must have been absolutely ecstatic. To be so young and to win that amount of cash is unheard of. Yet the up-and-coming teen did not let the vast amount of cash go to her head. When asked about how she was going to use the massive amount of money she had just won playing bingo, she said something rather heart-warming. Abbie said, “Mum and I always split the money 50/50 when we go no matter how much we win.” It is nice to know she has been raised to be such a sweet girl.

Abbie continued, “My granddad is sick with cancer, so I’m going to give some to a cancer charity and some to a homelessness charity. It’s something I don’t like to see, so I hope I can help.” Truly these are the words of a good-hearted individual. Her family must be proud.

Her experience winning the money was most definitely a very impressive one. Just imagine what the rest of the players must have felt and projected when they, after years of going and playing, saw a young teen win that much money on basically her first try. The lucky novice said, “Everyone was staring at me, and I was nervous, I didn’t realize what I had done.”

Abbie continued saying, “I’m so thankful to mum for asking me to come along now because it’s brilliant to have won.” When asked about how her mother felt, Abbie responded, “She’s really excited, too, though I think she will just spend her half on the house.”

This heart-warming story brings up the point that anyone can be a big winner at bingo. It does not matter how young or how old you are, how experienced or inexperienced you are, or how, if you play alone or with a partner, or if you play at a bingo hall or online. Anyone, literally anyone, can be a big bingo jackpot winner. If you are one of our lovely members, then you can be a big winner, too, just like Abbie. Come on in and play because you never know when it’s your turn to win the big bingo jackpot.