There’s a Flowery Bloom on 123Bingoonline!

As the flowers bloom this spring and the fortune upswings this St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to visit 123Bingo and feast on the vibrant promotions to spin incredible prizes. St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17 but the celebrations on 123Bingoonline will remain in the full swing all through this month. So, bingo on I-17 all this month and win 20 BBs. We will go down through the rainbow path to get you the glorious pot of gold every player wishes for and more!

Spring is here and it’s time to groom the bingo gardens in the Green Room on 123Bingo. On Sunday pick up your team from Green Thumbs and Green Fingers and bring forth your gardening spirit, you will surely be repaid in kind. Decorate your bingo gardens with daisies, tulips and rose bingo patterns to collect maximum points, gardening has never been so rewarding, literally. Bingo on the Garden Path pattern to carve your way or bingo on the F pattern to fence your gardens and get the bonus points. We have certainly taken our time to bring you one of the most original and unique ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! The team that collects the maximum points gets to share fabulous rewards. Did someone beat you to the punch? No problem! The good thing is that the runner-up team gets rewarded too! All you really have to do is play.

While the Green Room on 123Bingo is blooming with flowery gardens, the Red Room is buzzing with bugs and butterflies that will guide your game towards incredible prizes. The red bingo balls are the red bugs and the yellow, blue, grey and green bingo balls are lovely flipping butterflies. Bingo on the butterflies to get 1 point and bingo on the red ball to get 1 minus point. You need to choose your team and get ready to catch as many butterflies and avoid getting bitten by the big scary bugs from 8 pm to 10 pm. You can have a great time and get a chance to grab your share of splendid BBs. At 123Bingo Online we are definitely taking this celebration to a whole new level!

Apart from that, 123Bingo welcomes you to test your knowledge on the Twisty Trivia Twist in the Green Room this month. Every Saturday, winning a bingo from 8 am to 10 am gets you guaranteed rewards along with the opportunity to answer a trivia question that the chat host will ask all eligible players. The bingo winner to get the answer right gets 1 point; by the end of the session the team to collect the most points gets to share amazing BBs. On the top of all this, every $1 wagered on 123Bingo gets you a gold coin this month. So, slip out those dollars from your pocket and be among the top three players to get your pot stuffed with maximum gold coins and enjoy the exclusive gift hampers. Come and join us on this fantastic St. Patrick’s celebration: you will have lots of fun, lots of rewards and amazing different opportunities to win more money than ever before!

For any further details you can visit the Flowery Bloom promotions page or contact their round the clock live customer support and have a flowery and a rich March!