Should Murderers Be Allowed In Bingo Halls?


Seems like an odd question, right? If you murdered someone, chances are you’d be in jail. At lease that’s how the justice system works in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

But apparently in Italy, that’s not necessarily the case. A man under house arrest in Italy popped into a Bingo hall, much to the chagrin of the court system. Actually, scratch that. He wasn’t just a man. He was a convicted murderer.

The story gets even stranger. He popped into a Bingo hall on the way home from work. I’m not sure how the Italy justice system works, but shouldn’t someone convicted of murder not live at home and have a job? Should he or she not be in the slammer?

Perhaps the news item got a bit lost in translation. My Italian is limited to the names of a few Chicago-style pizza joints and some choice words I learned by watching the mob show Lilyhammer on Netflix. Maybe the man already served his time and instead of being unleashed back into the world after his sentence was over he was sentenced to house arrest so the state could monitor his comings and goings. But this brings about a good question:

If you’re convicted of a crime as crazy as murder, do you have the right to play Bingo?

In Italy, they ruled yes. Apparently those under house arrest aren’t violating their sentence by playing Bingo when they should be at work. The judge ruled that since the murderer went to work and merely popped in on his way home, there’s no problem.

Here at home, I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable playing Bingo next to a convicted murderer, or anyone wearing an ankle bracelet for that matter. But that doesn’t mean Bingo halls should start banning people based on what crimes they might have committed.

Truth be told, stranger things have happened. A woman is currently facing a lifetime Bingo ban because too many patrons had complained that she had been driving recklessly in the parking lot. It should be noted that no charges were ever filed against her.

So if a Bingo hall can ban a woman because they don’t like her driving, perhaps they can ban someone because of their criminal past. Either way, if there’s a murderer sitting next to me at a Bingo hall, I’m heading home. Thankfully I can play online bingo at