Smoking Ban Puts a Damper on Bingo Market

innersmoking02102015Can anything slow down the rapidly rising popularity of bingo? With universal rules, a community atmosphere and a comfortable pace that keeps the stress to a minimum, bingo has become a global sensation in recent years. Well, it appears that the antidote to bingo fever has been discovered in Middlesboro, Kentucky, as local bingo hall operators are claiming drastic declines in player turnout following a recent ban on smoking. The ban, which went into effect on August 24, was part of a citywide initiative to minimize the effects of secondhand smoke. However, bingo representatives are calling foul and encouraging their players to help in an attempt to secure an exemption for bingo halls.

Currently, there are two petitions making the rounds – one for Middlesboro residents and one for those who live outside the city. Bingo players have made a habit of visiting Middlesboro from surrounding cities in Kentucky, as well as neighboring Virginia and Tennessee, to take part in the city’s bingo scene. In some cases, groups ride buses for several hours to participate in bingo games.

In recent weeks, bingo enthusiasts, including both smokers and non-smokers, have went so far as to voice their concerns during city council meetings. Despite these efforts, the initiative to exempt bingo halls from the smoking ban has yet to be officially discussed by the city council. Instead, bingo representatives have requested that players attend the upcoming sub-committee meeting, which is scheduled for October 13, to make their voices heard. The next meeting at which the issue could be officially added to the agenda is currently scheduled for October 20.

In the meantime, Middlesboro bingo halls have implemented special rules to better accommodate smokers. In particular, additional breaks have been added between games to give these players an opportunity to go outside and smoke. Unfortunately, these changes come with consequences of their own. Additional breaks lead to later ending times for players, causing possible issues for those who travel long distances to enjoy bingo games. For now, however, it is the only alternative that meets the recently enacted regulations, which ban smoking within 20 feet of any entrance or exit.

Regardless of the outcome in Middlesboro, the smoking ban highlights yet another upside of taking your bingo experience to the web. Online bingo players enjoy all of the excitement of traditional bingo halls without sacrificing on the freedom to fully enjoy their experience. After all, there’ll never be a smoking ban prohibiting you from participating in an online bingo tournament.

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