Slots Tournaments on Treasure Island


Tournaments sure are fun! It is always fun to sign up and pit your skills against the skills of other people. Besides, the whole point of 123Bingo is for all of our clients to have fun, is it not? Bingo tournaments or any kind of tournament, really, can be heaps of fun. Have you heard of 123Bingo’s Treasure Island? If you have not then you should check it out. In case you are looking to take a break from bingo and play something else for a change, then maybe the slots tournaments on Treasure Island are just the thing for you.

Come and try out the slots tournaments on Treasure Island and add an extra spark to your 123Bingo experience. Since its Christmas, there is one thing you must be looking for, and that is extra – extra fun, extra excitement, extra magic, extra trill, and extra glossiness! That extra is not too hard to find. You do not have to go very far. Just come on over to 123Bingo Online and have yourself a grand old time.

The venue is Treasure Island at 123Bingo Online for the best slots tournaments. The slots tournaments on Treasure Island are held regularly, so do not fret if you missed one. What do you have to do to enter one of these slots tournaments? The process is easier than saying 123Bingo!

Here is what you have to do to enter the slots tournaments on Treasure Island:

  1. Simply, login to your 123Bingo account and click the Treasure Island tab.
  2. Then click the “Tournament” link to open all the details on the running online slots tournament.
  3. To enter the ongoing slots tournament click the “Enter Tournament” button at the bottom.
  4. A minimum cash balance of $40 in your Treasure Island account is mandatory in order to get an entry into the online casino slot tournaments on 123 Treasure Island.
  5. Every slots tournament on Treasure Island has a fixed entry fee.
  6. Once you deposit this entry fee, we would assign you with a particular number of chips.
  7. You must use these chips to wager within a stipulated number of spins.
  8. The winner of this grand online slots tournament is the player who manages to reel maximum number of wins with the given number of chips and within the particular number of spins.

These slots tournaments are a great way to pass the time, especially on the in-between days of the holidays that are always really dull and lifeless, since everyone is elsewhere. We host online casino slots tournaments on Treasure Island all the 12 months a year! In other words, you can experience that super exciting and vigorous sensation of competition all through the year!

Do you want to know what the best part about playing these slots tournaments is? The best part is that these online slots tournaments are organized on different slot games every week. That means that you can play all your favorite slots on Treasure Island get a chance to be tagged on to these super fun Treasure Island Tournaments.

Come on in to 123Bingo Online and find out which slots tournament is running on Treasure Island today and give your luck a try!