Slot Strategies: Do they actually work?

You probably already know about all the strategies you can employ at your favorite online bingo site to win big. But when it comes to online slots—a game that seems way more random than playing bingo against other players—the value of slot strategies is debatable.

Some argue that since slot machines are completely random, there’s absolutely no way that a slots strategy could help you win more often playing the online slots.

Others believe that using a slots strategy is the only way to have the machine fire coins your way.

Our stance? Slots strategies (like adjusting your betting patterns or picking certain machines at a land-based casino) can’t hurt, regardless of whether or not you believe in them.

But there are two slot strategies that you can’t ignore if you want to walk away with higher payouts.

With a progressive jackpot slot machine, you’ve got a chance to hit it big if you follow this slots strategy. But if you only feed 5 coins into the online slot machine when the max is 6, you could risk out on losing the jackpot if your symbols line up. Why? Because progressive jackpots usually require you to bet the max in order to actually pop the jackpot. As a rule of thumb, if you’re not willing to bet the max, stay away from progressive jackpot sot machines.

Bet the maximum on non-progressives, too

Not even five seconds ago, we told you stay away from progressive jackpot slots if your slots strategy involved not betting the max. So, you might think that it’s ok to bet the minimum, or somewhere in between, at basic slot machines.

Always bet the max on progressives

Sure, it’s ok. But why settle for just ok? You deserve amazing. So, if you want to actually win, stick with our progressive online slots strategy, even at the non-progressive machines. Betting the max will more often than not give you a higher payout percentage. For example, if your slots strategy is to bet in the middle and feed the machine 3 coins, you might get paid 30 coins on a win. But if you had bet the max of 4 coins, instead of hitting 30 coins, you could have won 40 coins.

Payouts vary from online slot machine to online slot machine, so consult the pay table to see how much you could win and then apply your slots strategy to win big.