Selecting Your Bingo Bonus


Bonuses galore! Bonuses are always the best part about playing online casinos.

Casinos throw loads of bonuses left and right, and, hopefully, all you players out there in virtual land take advantage of these great bonuses and make the most of them in every way.

Sometimes, though, having so many bonuses to choose from can make selecting your bonus a little difficult; it may be hard to choose which bonus is the right one for you or the one that is the best suited for what you want to play. So let’s take a minute and look at the bonuses offered on 123Bingo.

Welcome Bonuses

The first bonuses you will look at when selecting your bonus will be the welcome bonuses. Here at 123Bingo we have three different welcome deposit bonuses for all you guys and gals to benefit from. The first welcome bonus is a 600% bonus on your first deposit or $27 or more; this bonus’s rules include 3 times Playthrough on bingo, 30x on Slots and Keno, and 45x on all other allowed games. There is no max withdrawal. For your second deposit of $27 or more you get a 500% bonus; this one’s rules are the same as the ones for the first one. The third bonus on your deposit of $27 nabs you a 400% bonus, and the rules are exactly the same as the other two. Acquire the coupon codes from the promotions page clicking on the Deposit Specials icon to select you bonus.

Regular Bonuses

Once you have got your account all set up and stocked full of extra credits you acquired from using the welcome bonuses, then you can pump your account balance up even more with the regular bonuses. There is nothing “regular” about them. Here there are three more great bonuses to choose from starting with a 250% deposit bonus that includes a 50% feature; receive this bonus with a deposit of $27 or more. The second bonus is a 350% bonus with 50% cash back with your deposit of $50 or more. The third bonus is a 450%, and it also includes 50% cash back. Grab this bonus with a deposit of $100 or more. All of these bonuses are for Bingo, Keno, and Slots only. Check the Deposit Specials page under the regular bonuses section to get the coupon codes and also to see the rules along with the terms and conditions.

New Bonuses

Right now at 123Bingo we have some new bonuses for all you guys and gals, but get them while they’re hot because these are constantly changing. We have a 350% Table Top bonus with a deposit of $30 or more. We’ve also got an Assured Cash-back 300% bonus that comes with 100% cash back with your deposit of $30 or more! Thirdly, we’ve got a Mega Cash-back 400% plus 100% cash back bonus with your deposit of $50 or more. Check the Our New Bonuses tab on the Deposit Specials page to review the rules and details of these bonuses as well as to acquire the coupon codes you need to redeem them.

Special Deals

There are always special deals to look for when you are selecting your bonus, so don’t forget about these. There is a 100% deposit bonus good for Bingo, Keno, and Slots with no Playthrough requirements and no maximum withdrawal with your deposit of $27 or more. Among these special deals are also the Early Bird, Happy Hour, and Monday Special bonuses. The Early Bird is a 400% bonus, but it is only valid between 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM. The early bird gets the worm! The Happy Hour bonus basically the same except it is valid from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The Monday Special Bonus is 500% with your deposit of $45 or more. Check the Special Deals section on the Deposit Specials page for more details. Remember these are only for a limited time, so grab them while they are still valid.
So, if you were having trouble selecting your bonus, then this little spiel should help you out. Don’t wait another second; grab these bonuses while you still can.