Scratch Card Bonanza

“Scratch cards on 123Bingoonline are getting extravagant than ever before!”

123Bingoonline has been a big name in the online bingo industry for several years now and has always made considerable efforts on its part to elevate the thrill of its players, and offer them more and newer possibilities to enjoy their time of leisure, be it related to bingo or casino. To shoot this thrill further up, 123Bingoonline has now introduced scratch cards and you can get one to test your luck, it is really easy:

With every 123Bingoonline newsletter, the players will now find a scratch card which they can scrape to unleash several jaw-dropping prizes. The players just have to keep an eye on the newsletter that 123Bingoonline drops in their inbox every month. Not only will you be getting the most up to date information about your favorite bingo website, but also you will be receiving a chance to win without even having to play a single game. When the players open the newsletter, they will find a scratch card attached to the email itself. To scratch it, all you need to do is roll your mouse over the scratch card and the silver coating will immediately come off to discover the amazing rewards underneath. Talk about getting an exciting email! The rewards can range from simple free dollars to iPods, jewelry, watches, mobile phones and the list goes on.

123Bingo Online has taken the time to select very appealing prizes that will certainly interest every single one of our players: you will not only get a chance to win bonuses, you can get free cash, cool electronic devices, sparkly pieces of jewelry and much more! Apart from free money rewards and excellent goodies, the players can also win free entries to the exciting slots and bonus tournaments we have on 123Bingoonline just by scratching off the scratch cards. As you can see you can definitely get more that just fun with us! Make sure you are on top of our newsletter and get on the scratch card train!

For more details on the 123Bingoonline scratch card offer, get in touch with our 24/7 customer support, our agents will happily assist you with any questions or concerns regarding this incredibly offer.