Saginaw Man Used Counterfeit Bills at Bingo


It is definitely quite shameful if you feel you need to cheat a bingo hall. Bingo is all about fun, but if someone cheats or lies or something of the sort, it takes the fun completely out of it. In Bay City, Michigan a man from Saginaw, MI is facing a felony charge for allegedly using counterfeit bills at a bingo hall in Bay City.

On Monday, January 5 at 7:45pm, police act in response to a call from the Village Hall located at 1338 N. Johnson Street. This bingo hall had ongoing bingo. The police was summoned by the workers of the Village Hall after observing one attendee purportedly passing counterfeit $20 bills. This is what the court records show.

The bills were smaller than usual, police stated in their reports. This statement was passed on to the court records. The officers wrote in their reports that three of them went so far as to feature the same serial number as well.

59-year-old Levi Acoff Jr., the person the staff of the Village Hall identified as the guilty party, was still present when the police officers arrived.

Levi Acoff Jr.’s game was this; he would buy $2 bingo sheets with the fake $20 and receive $18 in change. On top of that, he would buy $10 pull tabs and receive $10 in change. Hence he was making $28 on those “purchases.” This is what the staff of the Village Hall told police.

The reports say that Acoff was asked to step outside, and police spoke with him there. The court records show that according to Acoff, he knew nothing about any fake bills. His story was that he had been to the nearby Circle Bar right before going to the Village Hall, where he had swapped a $100 bill for the $20s from another client.

The police asked Acoff to produce his identification for them. He complied. As he did so, the police become aware that he had a number of other smaller bills on him. Court records state that when they inquired why he was spending the $20s to make rather small purchases when he had other bills, he replied that he did not know.

What is more incriminating, court records show, is that police also spoke with a friend of Acoff’s, who said the two of them rode together to the hall from Saginaw. They made no stops on the way. Police, then arrested Acoff, under the felony charge of possession of counterfeit currency.

On Tuesday, Jan. 6, Bay County District Judge Timothy J. Kelly officially charged Acoff on one count of possession of less than five counterfeit bills. The charge is punishable by up to 10 years’ imprisonment and a $5,000 fine.

Acoff’s bond was set by Judge Kelly at $20,000 cash-surety or 10 percent. Acoff is to appear for an initial examination before Kelly at 3 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 20.This just goes to show how any type of crime does not pay. On a slightly different note, this also goes to show that playing at 123Bingo Online, something like this will never happen since there is no physical cash exchanged to play. On more reason to play bingo online!