Quiet Voice Costs UK Bingo Player £10,000


How’s your shouting voice? If you play online bingo, you really don’t have to worry about that (except to scream at the telemarketers while you’re in the middle of a bingo game, berating them for calling you during this very important time).

Online, when you’ve got a filled bingo card, all you need to do is press the button and you’re all set to get paid out. But in the live world, you need to physically scream Bingo! or another term.

In the UK, that term is “House”. And for one unfortunate man, not screaming it loud enough meant he missed out on winning a £10,000 prize. That’s about $16,000 USD for those paying attention from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Here’s what happened. Just the other week, Ronald Price was playing bingo at Winners Bingo in Wisbech, UK. He hit a winning line and screamed House. But he failed to scream it loud enough.

The bingo club is part of the national bingo chain, which links up a lot of clubs to play bingo together. So when you sit down to play, you’re playing against bingo players in different bingo clubs around the country.

Ronald Price hit a line and screamed House. But apparently not loud enough for the caller to signal that the game needs to be stopped across all bingo halls. That lead to another bingo players in another hall winning that £10k prize.

We’d say that would sting. But it’s probably extra painful for Price who’s dealing with the pain for the second time.

Yup, it happened before. About a year ago, Price got a winning line and shouted House. That time, the number checker came by to confirm, but the caller forgot to officially stop the game. Price ended up missing out on winning, though it was entirely the club’s fault. In that situation the bingo club ended up handing over £1,000.

But this time the club is maintaining that they’re not at fault. Price, they assert, simply didn’t shout loud enough.

Lesson? Screaming pays. Staying silent doesn’t.