Put Movie Clichés to Work in this Inventive Spin on Bingo

innerbmovie03032016Do you consider yourself a movie nerd? Are you a fan of on-screen explosions? Does an innovative take on bingo that combines the amazing aspects of low-budget cinema with the familiar fun of everyone’s favorite game of chance pique your interests? If so, now’s the time to book your flight to Portland, Oregon, home of the Hollywood Theatre. It’s at this magical venue that three aspiring emcees host the world’s first movie theater-based bingo extravaganza – B Movie Bingo.

Hosted on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m., B Movie Bingo combines cheesy Hollywood banalities with bingo cards to create a truly unique experience. As the world races toward 4K video and high quality surround sound, the Hollywood Theatre uses B Movie Bingo as an excuse to jump into a time machine and enjoy the benefits of a generation gone by. When you connect a state-of-the-art digital projector to a VCR, the results are bound to be astonishing. Right about now, you’re probably dying for some details. We’ve got you covered! Let’s take a closer look at what makes B Movie Bingo a must-see attraction for people throughout the Great Northwest.

What are B Movies?

In order to fully understand the draw of B Movie Bingo, you’ll need to understand what exactly falls into the category of ‘B Movie’. Forget about high budget films about superheroes and epic quests featuring highly recognizable actors and tons of advertising. B Movies are low-budget commercial films, typically relying on one of a few popular genres. Back in the 1950s, westerns were B movie staples, but low-budget films have spread their wings a bit since then. Science fiction and horror films are now common targets for these cult classics, which are typically unburdened by the conventions of more artistic independent fil.

If you’re wondering where the term ‘B Movie’ came from, you’ll need to take a trip back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. In those days, it was common for theaters to offer double features, showing two films for a single ticket fee. The first film of the two would be a Hollywood blockbuster in most cases, but the second, less-publicized portion of the double feature would be a lower budget motion picture. Thus, B movies were born, and the foundation was laid for a new take on bingo fun.

What does that have to do with Bingo?

Now that we’re clear on what B movies are, you may be wondering just how that ties into the classic game of bingo. Well, when scripts are written on the cheap, writers have a tendency to stay inside the box with their thinking, and that can lead to some serious overlap throughout more than half a century of cinema. That’s a kind way of saying that B movies often rely on movie clichés to advance the plot and relay a desired message to the viewer. These clichés aren’t just guidelines, they’re practically requirements in B movies, meaning that they can be counted on to come through when a game of B Movie Bingo is on the schedule.

The three men behind B Movie Bingo insist that these clichés are so dependable that a new card isn’t even required between bingo events. That’s right! These crafty guys use the same bingo cards week in and week out, and players are always able to fill out their cards! Looking for a few examples? Consider a square that reads “Briefcase full of money” or “Male ponytail.” How about a “Tropical ending” or a star that’s “Teamed up with a rookie”? Thinking back, you can probably picture more than a few films that include at least a few of these movie tropes, and that’s why B Movie Bingo works so well.

A Group Event

Players of B Movie Bingo don’t participate to see movies of questionable quality, that’s just an added bonus. This game is a social event, with the hosts announcing clichés as they appear on the screen. Players are encouraged to interact with one another and create a fun, exciting environment. After all, it’s just B Movie Bingo! When someone completes a line on his or her bingo card, that person can come to the front of the theater to receive a reward of tasty treats to tide them over throughout the remainder of the film. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Players can continue to mark their cards for a chance to claim the big prize at the end of the night!

In keeping with the theme of the evening, B Movie Bingo’s big prizes are both low budget and a little cheesy. In an interview with the event’s hosts, one prize that was highlighted was an autographed photograph of actor Gary Busey. Before you get too excited thinking that an autographed picture is a decent prize, keep in mind that no one said Gary Busey was the one to autograph it. In fact, the hosts sign a picture of the actor. It’s an ideal way to remind the winner that the main draw of B Movie Bingo isn’t the prizes, it’s the experience!

A Memorable Venue

B Movie Bingo is hosted at Portland’s historic Hollywood Theatre, which was originally opened in 1926 with the premiere of a silent film. These days, the classic cinema has been renovated with a beautiful new marquee, a new 50-foot screen, digital surround sound systems and a host of other cutting edge features. Of course, all of this fancy technology won’t be all that important when watching a low-budget film that’s being played by a VCR, but that’s not the point!

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new way to enjoy bingo, B Movie Bingo is a worthwhile experience. Grab a bingo card and prepare for a film that’s both terrible and mesmerizing, as only low-budget, cult classic movies can be. In the meantime, enjoy a game of bingo online at 123 Bingo Online. With new player benefits and the biggest bonuses in the industry, you really can’t go wrong!