Progressive Bingo Jackpots: Understanding them and beating them

Ever dream of hitting the jackpot? You’ve got lots of chances at online bingo sites thanks to progressive bingo jackpots and progressive slot machines.

To understand progressive jackpot bingo games, it’s important to understand progressive jackpot slot machines first since they work the same way at most online casinos. Here’s a quick rundown:

Linked progressive jackpot machines

In Vegas and online, you’ll find progressive jackpot slot machines that rely on other machines to help the jackpot grow. Groups of slot machines all feed into the same jackpot. At land-based casinos, the linked slot machines might actually be located at a number of different properties. So, you could be playing at Bellagio, your friend could be playing at MGM, and both of you could be feeding into the same jackpot.

As money is collected at each machine, a percentage is pumped into the progressive jackpot. As more players play more machines, the progressive jackpot grows bigger and bigger.

Single progressive jackpot machines

Other machines, both online and in Vegas, offer individual progressive jackpots. So instead of a bunch of machines working together to feed a single, giant pot, the jackpot is exclusive to the machine you’re playing on.

Both types of progressive jackpots have their advantages. On linked progressive jackpot slot machines, the jackpots tend to be way bigger than on single machines. But you also have more people fighting to pop it. On single machines, you’re the only one vying to pop the jackpot, put popping the jackpot could take a long time, and you might not be at the slot machine when it pops anyway.

Why you should play progressive jackpot slot machines

If your goal is to hit one big jackpot, progressives are your best bet. That’s especially true when you’re looking at a 6 or 7-figure payday. Or if you’re staring a $200,000 sports car in the face while you hit spin on the Las Vegas strip.

And why you shouldn’t

But if your goal is to build your bankroll with smaller wins, progressives aren’t necessarily the best choice. That’s because while the progressive gets bigger, the amount of money you stand to make from an individual win could potentially be less than at a machine without a jackpot.

Progressive bingo jackpots

When it comes to progressive bingo jackpots, they work pretty much the same way as progressive jackpot slots. A part of every penny played in an online bingo game is tossed into a separate jackpot.

Popping a progressive jackpot in bingo varies from bingo hall to bingo hall. Some are random. Others will require you to hit bingo in a set number of calls. The rules vary so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you decide to play.

Bottom line? There’s nothing more enticing than seeing a jackpot grow to thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands while you play the game you love. And nothing beats being the one to hit it big and change your life forever.