Playing Bingo at Casinos

innercasino07082015Community bingo halls get a lot of credit for providing the means for players to enjoy the classic game, but it’s worth noting that many casinos offer their fair share of bingo action.

The timeless number-based game is an established favorite of gamblers around the world, and, for that reason, it’s no surprise that major casinos like the Sahara and Harrah’s once had packed rooms dedicated to bingo.

These days, casino bingo typically provide a slightly higher stakes alternative to bingo-only destinations. So, are you ready to get in on the excitement? Let’s take a quick look at a few things to keep in mind before beginning your first game.

The Bankroll Benefits

Sometimes, soaking in the casino experience can be an expensive way to spend your time. Occasionally, the rapid pace and high stakes of games like blackjack and craps can put your bankroll into a tight spot faster than you’d like. On the same token, however, the chance to win big is what makes gambling such a thrilling endeavor. Casino bingo provides the best of both worlds for gamblers on a budget. While the games offer substantial prizes as a result of their higher buy-ins, they also provide sustainable playability. With casino bingo, you’ll have a chance to win big without having to worry about going bust.

Getting Started

Bingo games in casinos are usually played in series, and one bingo session will typically take an hour or more to complete. When you enter the casino to play, you’ll need to pay for the entire session of games, and, in most cases, you’ll receive multiple cards for each round. Remember, since you are paying for the whole session anyway, you’ll want to show up on time. To find out when the games get started, obtain a bingo calendar from your casino of choice. Since prices and times likely change daily, it’ll be a vital tool in your gambling arsenal. Don’t forget about the dauber!

Casino Rewards

Playing bingo at the casino opens the door for more chances to cash in than small bingo halls. Save your tickets for a chance to win door prizes during intermissions in play, and don’t forget to apply them to your casino account to help you earn points.


Listen carefully before each game to make sure that you know which pattern is required for the win. When you get that pattern, put your lungs to the test by proclaiming your victory for all to hear! If someone else calls bingo before you get the pattern, don’t give up! Wait until the win is confirmed, because errors are always a possibility.

With all of these benefits in mind, you’re ready to transition your bingo game from the local bingo hall to the nearest casino. Bingo offers an unparalleled opportunity to play for extended periods without putting unnecessary stress on your finances, and the availability of big wins keeps the excitement maximized throughout. When everything is considered, there’s one thing that’s for sure: bingo rocks!