Easily Play Bingo with a Peace of Mind

123BingoOnline.com is constantly improvising its safety measures to protect your sensitive information on the Internet. We have implemented multiple security checks to ensure your privacy and to provide you with a safe and secure environment to play bingo and perform different types of personal and financial transactions online. Even the game software that we use provide top-class security. Let’s know more about the type of security offered by bingo site.

First of all, our game software is tested by a third party and found free from spyware, adware, or any other type of Internet-based threats. Threats such as spyware and adware compromise your security. These are small malicious applications that run in the background on your computer. Periodically these nasty applications send your sensitive information – including but not limited to financial and personal information – over the Internet to intruders. These intruders misuse your information. So, we have taken a step further and made our software free of all such parasites and viruses so that you don’t fall victim to online scams.

Second of all, all games and transactions are run under a tight 128 bit SSL encryption. Sounds fancy, but what good does it do to me, you may say. Well with SSL encryption in place, a sort of a virtual tunnel is created between your computer and our game servers. At one end of that tunnel lies our game server and on the other end lies your computer. Nobody can see what’s going on in the tunnel. Therefore, you get a safe environment and the peace of mind.

Third of all, 123BingoOnline.com provides Flash versions of Bingo and casino games. If you do not want to download the software (though we strongly recommend that you download it) you can play your favorite games on the website itself. Be sure that even these games are run in a secure environment and your game statistics are not visible to anyone but you.

We at 123BingoOnline.com are dedicated to provide you with unsurpassed security and simplicity, not to mention lots of prizes and tons of fun too. You can be sure that you are in safe hands on Bingo site. Play bingo with a peace of mind.