Pensioner wins a free luxury cruise playing Bingo

innermecca220102015We crown a lot of winners at, but we get just as excited hearing about people winning big playing live Bingo. After all, nothing makes us happier than knowing that the live Bingo world is thriving just as much as the online world. To us, live Bingo is good for online and vice versa.

On the weekend, we heard one such story. Rosemary Anne Jones, a 73-year-old pensioner, has won a cruise by visiting a bingo Hall in Wrexham, UK. The best part? She didn’t actually win it playing Bingo. She won it as part of the Wrexham Bingo Hall promotion. Every player who entered the hall received a scratch ticket and it turns out Jones was the big winner.

Commented Jones on her win: “I couldn’t believe my luck, so much so I didn’t tell a soul for just under a week! I’ve been playing bingo at Wrexham for as long as I can remember, sometimes seven days a week. Bingo certainly brings friends together. We even used to plan UK holidays depending where the nearest Mecca club was situated!”

You read that right. Jones won big by visiting a Bingo hall, but she waited a full week to claim her prize. Now that’s patience at its finest.

This isn’t the only story this month of someone winning big playing a Bingo scratch ticket. Over in Canada, a man from Thunder Bay, Ontario won $100,000 on a Bingo scratch & win ticket. This type of ticket is sold at convenience stores, gas stations, and anywhere else lottery tickets are sold. The Bingo scratch ticket is essentially a one-person Bingo game, so you don’t have to play against other people.

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