Origins of Bingo Slots

innerbingoslots09092015We all love bingo, but sometimes all that daubing can really feel like too much, right? Well, that’s where bingo slots really fit the bill for having a great time. Imagine a game that combines all of the visual candy and excitement of traditional slot machines with the universal rules of bingo in a way that allows players to enjoy a relaxing gaming experience without the need for a full crowd of competitors. The game on your mind is bingo slots in a nutshell.

While bingo has been a mainstay in gambling houses dating back for centuries, slot machines are a relatively new phenomenon. While the spinning reels and dinging bells certainly have their own sort of charm, the rules are relatively unknown outside of the casino. Sure, you know you need a pattern, but figuring out which patterns you need is another story. If that’s not enough, the invention of more advanced video slot machines added bonus features and extra games that can be difficult to understand when jumping from one machine to another. Bingo slots take this formula and adds to it by putting a small bingo card on the screen. Your payouts are based on how you perform in the bingo game, with unique patterns netting big bucks. So, why did casinos feel the need to combine these two gaming mainstays into one unique machine? It’s all about the law.

Basically, bingo slots came about as a way for tribal casinos to get slots without breaking the law. In most jurisdictions, gambling facilities are separated between class II and class III operations, with regular slot machines falling under the class III designation. In this case, it is illegal for machines to show a result that’s different from the one derived from the random number generator. In other words, if you were nowhere near a win on a particular spin, the reels will reflect that fact. On the other hand, class II machines are allowed to show random results if the RNG determines that a spin is not a winner. Have you ever played a slot that gave a near-miss on nearly every spin? That machine was likely a class II game.

While class III gaming is restricted on tribal lands, class II gaming is fair game, meaning that any version of bingo, whether electronic or not, is regulated directly by the individual tribe. With that in mind, it becomes pretty clear why bingo slots was created. Similar to video poker, bingo slots change much of the classic bingo formula in order to fit the new medium, but the underlying odds remain the same. In most cases, multiple games are networked together and players are competing to land the best bingo combinations.

If you find yourself playing bingo slots, remember to keep an eye on the bingo card in the corner of the screen. While the spinning reels provide an opportunity to win, the bingo card holds the best opportunity to bring home big winnings.