New Year’s Bingo Party

innerparty4122015New Year’s Eve celebrations are incredibly exciting. The pomp and circumstance of ringing in a brand new year is too good to miss. This year, we’re passing around an innovative game plan to take the festivities to brand new heights. While Times Square may be famous for dropping the ball when the clock strikes midnight, incorporating bingo into your party is the best way to make sure that the balls keep rolling through all night long. Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s important to note that throwing a New Year’s bingo party requires a fair bit of planning and preparation. After all, those bingo fanatics that you call party guests are putting their New Year’s Eve in your hands, and they expect to be wowed. Don’t worry about it too much, though. We’ve got the step-by-step guide you’ll need to ring in 2016 with style.

Step One: Making the Guest List

Plans for New Year’s Eve aren’t usually spur of the moment. Instead, people ponder for weeks to determine the ideal way to enjoy the festivities. While that should help you land some RSVPs, it also means that getting invitations in the hands of your guests is high priority and time sensitive. Crack open that address book, and scribble down the names of all of your favorite bingo fans. Like most games, bingo just gets better with more players, so don’t bother being too exclusive. The more, the merrier, and we’re looking to throw the merriest party around.

Step Two: Get Decorating!

What separates a traditional bingo party from a New Year’s bingo party? The players will be mostly the same, as will the classic game. The difference is just a matter of atmosphere. The best way that we know to add a festive atmosphere to a bingo party is by applying a hearty helping of theme-appropriate decorations. Party hats? Check. Party horns? You bet. A net full of balloons suspended above the playing floor that will be dropped when the clock strikes midnight? Looks like someone’s after bonus points! Don’t be afraid to go over the top when turning your bingo party into a can’t-miss New Year’s event. Maybe your bingo caller is wearing a tux and a nice bowtie to class things up. Maybe he’s wearing a tuxedo t-shirt to keep things casual. Let your imagination be your guide as you create the first big bingo event of 2016.

Step Three: Throw in Prizes

Prizes add an extra kick of excitement to any bingo party. Whether you want to charge a cover charge that is dispersed throughout the night to winners or purchase some awesome gifts to put on the line throughout the night, bingo players love a good prize. If you want to keep the excitement levels through the roof throughout the remainder of 2015, don’t forget to throw in some door prizes and mini games. Looking for ideas? Give Human Bingo a try. As your guests enter, give each one a bingo sheet populated with fun facts about other guests. If a guest is a dedicated rock climber, for example, that may be a good square. As players mingle throughout the night, they’ll scratch off the box describing a person they’ve met. The first to get the bingo wins a prize!

Step Four: Pump up the Volume

As it gets closer to midnight, things should get more exciting at your bingo party. Let the libations flow freely (and responsibly) as your guests enjoy a healthy mix of bingo, socializing and mini games. Before midnight rolls around, set up some way of activating a countdown to let your guests know that the big moment is near. Pass out the champagne for extra credit, and try not to make eye contact when you notice your best friend and her mortal enemy exchanging a romantic smooch as 2016 begins. There’s more than one way to win at a bingo party, right?

Step Five: Clean Up

When all is said and done, you will have thrown an awesome party. Sometime shortly after the sun comes up, your guests will filter out, leaving you with a party-sized mess on your hands. Take your time cleaning up. Instead, focus on the memories that you’ve made with the party that all other 2016 parties will be judged against. Sure, your best friend will probably still be enemies with her midnight crush, but that has little to do with the success of your bingo shindig. After you’ve got everything cleaned up, you’ll be ready to start planning your next New Year’s bash, which will totally put the 2016 party to shame!

With a game like bingo serving as the foundation, it’s easy to construct a truly awesome party. Now’s a great time to get started preparing your New Year’s Eve festivities. When the ball drops in Times Square, the only ball on your distinguished guests’ minds will be the one that says ‘B-12’, the square they need for a big win!