Meet The 123Bingo Chat Hosts: Smith

I was fortunate enough to have a talk with some of the best chat hosts in the industry. I took some questions that our readers were dying to know and sat down with these fine hosts to bring our readers what they wanted.

Today we are talking with Chat host Smith.

123Bingo: Hi CH Smith, I first want to thank you for your time and say that it’s a pleasure to be speaking with you today.

CH Smith: Hi Chris, no problem and thank you for having me.

123Bingo: How long have you been a chat host?

CH Smith: I’ve only been here a short time. I started on June 13th of 2012.

123Bingo: That is a short time, but in internet months that seems like forever.

CH Smith: (laughs) Yes it does.

123Bingo: One of the most frequent questions we get and one that everyone wants to know: How do you become a chat host?

CH Smith: To my surprise I got a call from HR and she told me about the vacancy for Chat Host in this company, she asked me if I was interested for this opportunity. Though I had never heard about chat hosting before but I said “yes” as I was looking for something new. I came here saw other chat host, how much they enjoyed their job and getting paid for that, and that was the moment I said to myself “ This is it”, fortunately I got selected and rest is the history…

123Bingo: Sounds like you were in the right place at the right time. Lucky for you, everything worked out in your favor and you have one of the most coveted jobs by our readers.

So what are your primary duties as a chat host?

CH Smith: My primary duties are to make the Chat Room happy and that every player can enjoy the Bingo games and chat feature to the fullest. They can have all the fun and happiness. I also make sure with their winnings they earn some bonus too in my chat room. I never forget to inform them about promotional games as well.

123Bingo: Sounds like you enjoy keeping your players happy. And that’s why we all love a good chat host.

CH Smith: Yes, I really do enjoy making the players happy.

123Bingo: Out of all that you do, what’s the best part of this job?

CH Smith: Best part of this job is… every day I meet so many people from different corners of the world and it goes without saying, the opportunity to meet new people every day opens up door for me to see the world from their eyes… This job has given a new dimension to my thinking. Aah it’s amazing!

123Bingo: That does sound pretty cool if you ask me. I enjoy speaking with others from around the world myself. It gets you thinking outside the box and you get to experience stuff you would have never even heard of. Very Cool!

Another question we get a lot is: What’s the craziest question you’ve been asked? Wave actually heard stories of marriage proposals before. Have you ever been proposed to?

CH Smith: (laughs) No I have not, and honestly I have never been asked anything out of the ordinary.

I’ve only been here a short time, so I’m sure the questions will come. Ask me again in a few months.

123Bingo: You seem like a very nice guy and I’m sure that carries over to the job. What do you feel makes a good chat?

CH Smith: I think to become a good chat host , you need to be caring, friendly, enthusiastic, a little crazy to make them laugh & a bit careful what you say or what not to say. Simple mantra “Watch your words before you type, after all you are the host”.

123Bingo: Very solid advice that can be used in everyday life by most people.

Here’s a question I’m dying to know. Do you really get to play free games?

CH Smith: Yes I do as matter of fact. It’s one of the perks of the job.

123Bingo: I’m jealous as are all our readers. So what’s your favorite game to play?

CH Smith: I love Bingo obviously. But my favorite games other than that are football and chess.

123Bingo: I love chess myself, I’m not very good, but maybe one day we can have a little game.

CH Smith: I would enjoy that actually.

123Bingo: All jobs have certain aspects that aren’t great. I’m sure your job is no different. Is there anything you would change? Or any part of the job you feel could be better?

CH Smith: Nothing is perfect as you said. I always wish the site was upgraded better. To give players a better gaming experience.

We would like thank Chat Host Smith for giving us their time for this interview. We do wish you all the best in your endeavors and were happy that you could answer some questions for our readers.