Meet The 123Bingo Chat Hosts: Candy

I’ve been privileged enough to talk with one someone who has one of the most sought after jobs in the gambling industry. The chat host has been one of the greatest inventions of the gambling community and their services often go unnoticed. Their role in online casinos is to provide customers with a pleasant atmosphere and keep them happy. It takes a special person to fulfill the requirements of a chat host and today you get to meet one of the special people who keep you entertained and happy at 123Bingo Online.

Candy has been kind of enough to answer a few questions for us and let us inside the world of being a chat host.

123Bingo:Candy, how long have you been a chat host?

Candy: “I have been a chat host for the last 5 months.”

123Bingo:We all know that being a chat host is something everyone wants to do. How does one become a chat host?

Candy: “One of my friends has referred me here.”

123Bingo:What are you’re main objectives and duties of being a chat host?

Candy: “my primary duties are to follow the rules, try to make my chat interactive and handle the room as good as we can (no dead air).”

123Bingo:What’s the best part of your job?

Candy: “The best part of my job is to make them laugh.”

123Bingo:I’m sure you get all kinds of questions from players. What’s the craziest question you’ve ever been asked?

Candy: “The craziest question I’ve been asked was tell us about your first date” 😉

123Bingo:It must take a special person to make so many people happy at once? What makes a good chat host?

Candy: “To answer their questions honestly, to make the players happy and not let any single player look down”

123Bingo:So, here’s the golden question were all dying to know. Do you get to play games for free?

Candy: “Yep.”

123Bingo:Short and sweet answer, I like it. What’s your favorite game to play?

Candy: “My favorite game is bingo.”

123Bingo:Is there anything you would think might make your job better, or anything you would change?

Candy: “Hmmm, not really… am happy the way it is 🙂 Perfect 😉 “

123Bingo:In your line of work, working from home that is. You probably don’t need to get ready like the rest of the world. You know, take a shower, and put on makeup, and so on. But, there must be some way you prepare yourself for the job.

Candy: “To face all kinds of good and bad things that can happen every moment.”

123Bingo:With all the stuff going on at once, what are some skills that help make a good chat host?

Candy: “should be a talkative person, and should have good presence of mind.”

Thank you Candy for taking the time to let everyone know about the life of a chat host. We do appreciate it and look forward to next time we chat.