Is there such a thing as Bingo Card Counting?

innercounting28102015When you hear about card counting, you probably picture a blackjack table and a guy with a fake mustache, why wouldn’t you? That is exactly what I personally used to pictured too. While that Hollywood depiction may be accurate, there’s more to card counting than you may think, way more…

Consider, for a moment, a way to translate those card counting skills to the bingo hall. Sounds crazy, no? Well, it may not be as wild as you think. Counting cards in bingo doesn’t involve a running count or fancy disguises, but a photographic memory could be a useful tool, also you need attention to detail, and remain focused on the goal…Let’s us teach you how can you actually coun cards when you play bingo:

The Basics

First, we’ll need to explain what bingo card counting is all about. Imagine yourself at your favorite bingo hall. You’ve got your card in front of you, and the caller just announced a number that’s printed in the top left corner. At this point, you take your dauber and put a nice paint mark over the square to remind yourself that you’ve conquered that space. One step closer to a win, and that’s great! Right?

Now, let’s consider it from another angle. You’re at the bingo hall, and you’ve got a whole stack of cards in front of you. For a normal player, these cards could represent an entire night of bingo fun. For a bingo card counter, the odds are a little different. Once again, the caller announces a number that’s on the top corner of your card. However, you don’t mark the square this time. Instead, you make a mental note of the call, and prepare for the next. You don’t just do it for the top card, though, you do it for every card in the stack. Do you get the picture?

Beating the Odds

By not marking your spots, you’re keeping fresh bingo cards, and fresh bingo cards are good! Players who can mentally keep track of the action are able to save unmarked cards for the games that they win, and cards with half-lines marked become a thing of the past. Effectively, players are able to play an entire stack of cards on each and every game with this strategy. This means the odds are maximized without breaking the bank. The problem, of course, is getting confused or losing track of the calls. That’s where the skill of bingo card counting comes into play.

Getting Started

Bingo is an interesting game in that players are competing with each other, not the house. As a result, strategies like bingo card counting have a real, noticeable effect on the competition that may or may not be appreciated by fellow players. Sure, the strategy may help you win a few extra games, but your added success comes at a cost. The relaxing, cathartic bingo experience is one of those costs. Instead of putting your mind at ease and enjoying the pace of the game, you’ll need to constantly think about your cards and the numbers on the board. Deciding if that sacrifice is worth making is a matter of opinion, but it’s definitely worthy of consideration.

Do you have what it takes to leave your dauber behind and begin a career of bingo card counting? There’s no time like the present to get the bingo festivities underway!