Introduced Exciting Bingo Chat Specials

The world has become a small place with the online chat rooms. Any one from any where can cross the distance and talk. This prime accessibility at minimal cost and time has made all the online chat rooms a grand success.

When every one is going gaga over the most talked about networking websites, 123 bingo online presents a whole new range of such entertaining chat rooms with the ultimate gambling options. A bingo player can now get dual pleasure of playing the most adventurous bingo and casino games and enjoy a gala time with their companions in the chat rooms.

They believe in giving complete entertainment to their players. With many years of know how and experience they have come up with various thrilling choices for their players. They want to target any specific target audience instead they are open to all. Thus they are doing their best to introduce more and more thrilling options to make the website all the more versatile for sure. One of such options are the exciting chat specials. Apart from the regular chat rooms, it carries three main following features which make the game all the more vibrant:

  • Color Balls: As per this, all the alphabets are given bingo colors and the roomies get the bingo balls with the first letter of their name. Who so ever first gets 3 bingo balls win the game. This concept pep up the entire mood of bingo players and let them enjoy the game whole heartedly.
  • Table Races: According to this feature there are 5 teams with 5 players playing at a time in each team. When ever one calls bingo on the allotted letters, wins 10 points. Any one team who first collects 200 bingo balls wins the game.
  • Muppet Treasure Island: Another unique feature is this one where in a player needs to join either of the two existing team. Here one has to bingo on the other teams territory. Who so ever bingo first wins 5 points which may exceed to 75 points subsequently. This feature is very much similar to its name, all one need to do is just play and loot!

All these and a lot more to go with the Exciting Chat Specials only on 123BingoOnline.Com!