Innovative twists on Bingo you’ll want to play right now

innerdeal13102015Tired of regular old Bingo? Of course you aren’t. You love the game. But sometimes you just want to mix things up.

We don’t blame you. So today, we’re bringing you the most interesting twists on Bingo you’ve likely never played.

These games aren’t necessarily available at your favorite online Bingo sites. But they are games you can play at home with friends or family.

Death Bingo

Put the weapons away. This one has nothing to do with injuring whoever hits a Bingo just out of spite. Actually, it kind of does. In Death Bingo, you actually want to avoid getting a Bingo. Players start with a card and Bingo numbers are called, as per regular Bingo. When someone hits a Bingo, he or she is eliminated from the tournament. The last player left standing after all games wins the tournament.

Poker Bingo

If you’re tired of seeing numbers, you can make your own Bingo cards with different card values. The first player to hit a hand of five (whether a row, column, or diagonal line) steps aside. The second player to do the same steps aside too and the game is paused. The player with the higher hand wins.

Coverall Bingo

Who says getting a straight or diagonal line has to mean the end of the game and a winner crowned? In Coverall Bingo, you need to fill an entire card to win the game. This version of Bingo lengthens the amount of time it takes to play the game, so keep that in mind.

Odd/Even Bingo

If Coverall Bingo is designed to make a game longer, Odd/Even Bingo will make everything feel way faster. In this game, players start with a Bingo card as normal. The first number that’s called will determine which numbers are checked off before the game starts. For example, if the first number is even, all players get to cover off all even numbers. If the number is odd, all odd numbers are called. If you’re playing this at home, you’ll need to remove the even or odd series of number after the first ball is called, otherwise you’ll risk calling numbers that everyone has already daubed.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

You’ve seen the TV game show starring Howie Mandel. Now you can play your own version at home with Bingo cards. The trick here is for one player to hold the Bingo card while other players draw balls. The player who has the card puts down different value under each square. It could be anything from a penny to $10,000. Remember, it’s just pretend so any value will do (alternatively, you could put down actual prizes if you like). Players take turns, one by one, pulling balls and calling numbers. If a number hits a square, the player with the card announces the value that they’ve won. The player to hit the highest value number automatically wins.

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