How to Use for your Halloween Party

innerhalloweenPlaying bingo in the real world sure is a lot of work. With a big Halloween party on the books, do you really want to be stuck searching for bingo balls, cards and daubers for all of your invited guests? Then there’s the issue of selecting someone to call the numbers. Who wants to miss out on all the fun by announcing numbers all night? While this issue may have derailed Halloween parties of yesteryear, there’s great news for today’s party-throwers. is the perfect way to inject your party with a little bit of bingo fever without all of that dreaded prep work.

Join the House of Horrors at 123BingoOnline to get your Halloween off to a great start. Sure, there will be plenty of cash, freebies and bonuses to enjoy, but you’ve got to check out the special Halloween chat games. We’re in the spirit for a spooktacular night, and we think your party guests are going to love it.

Vampire’s Banquet Chat Party

After you’ve redeemed the House of Horrors promotion, you’ll gain entry to this exciting vampire party. If your party guests are also 123BingoOnline players, joining this party, which offers free $50 bingo games, is a great way to up the stakes. We’re guessing that a few scary Halloween day chat games will be just the thing for taking your party to a whole new level.

Vampire’s Masquerade Ball

Change your alias to a Halloween themed selection and you could be in line for some awesome prizes. Three players will be chosen based on votes by other players, so having your party guests throw votes your way could be the perfect boost for earning a spot on the podium. Remember, all votes must be in by October 29, so a pre-Halloween party may be a good idea!

Pumpkin Bingo

Halloween’s spookiest mascots get most of the press these days, but let’s not forget about the orange gourd that’s synonymous with the season. Set your bingo patterns to P-U-M-P-K-I-N for a chance to cash in on some awesome rewards. Collect three of the pumpkin patterns in a day to win 10 BBs, or collect all of the patterns in a week to claim 50 BBs. Looks like a race with your party guests to spell out this special word!

There’s nothing quite like a Halloween party to get you in the spooky spirit. Bobbing for apples and costume contests are great ways to add a dash of competitiveness to the festivities, but bingo is tough to top. Forget about the cards and daubers this year. Instead, let your guests put those electronic gizmos to work at 123BingoOnline. We’re guessing that online bingo is just what your parties have been missing.

For more information on any of the promotions in this article, navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website. There, our industry-leading customer support team will be happy to help get your seasonal bingo game off to a tremendously spooky start. Enjoy the Halloween festivities!