How to look like a hero with better Bingo prizes

innerprizes13042016Hosting a Bingo home game? There’s nothing worse than handing out candy for each win. Actually, there is something worse than that. How about handing out nothing at all? If you want to make your home Bingo games a success, you need to invest in Bingo prizes. There are a few ways to do this:

1. Have all players pool their money. Then, as the host, go out and buy prizes.
2. Be generous and purchase the prizes yourself, knowing that everyone will end up reciprocating when it’s time for them to host.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to get prizes people actually want. While you can’t please everyone, you can put together an arsenal of Bingo prizes that people will find use for and that they’ll be talking about for weeks to come. Today, we’ve got a list of some genius Bingo prize ideas for you. We hope you love them enough to work them into your next Bingo night.

A Bingo gift certificate
Did you know you can buy gift certificates for live Bingo halls? If you or your friends have a favorite Bingo hall in your area, take a look around and find out if they offer gift certificates or gift cards. In many cases, you can choose any denomination you want. That means if you want to hand out gift cards worth $5 or $10 apiece, go for it. There’s no bottom limit (or if there is, it’s usually just $5).

A bar gift card, with a hint of Bingo
If your town doesn’t have a Bingo hall but a local bar holds Bingo nights on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, consider grabbing gift cards for that particular establishment. In many cases, you don’t even have to spend money. Here’s a quick tip. Talk to management and ask them if they have any 2-for-1 appetizer coupons, or perhaps a free drink with appetizer coupon. Let them know that you plan on hosting a Bingo night and will be handing them out to your Bingo winners. In many cases, management will be happy to hand out these coupons because it means getting people in the door to play. And when people are playing, they’re drinking and eating.

A Fire Tablet
We know what you’re thinking. iPads are ridiculously expensive, especially for a Bingo prize. But you can still give away a tablet as a Bingo prize without breaking the bank. has Fire tablets (that’s their own proprietary brand) for just $49.99. The tablet is great for surfing the web, downloading millions of apps, enjoying movies, and more. And anyone who wins this Bingo prize will have no idea that it only set you back $50.

A home Bingo set
Not everyone has their very own Bingo set. In fact, if your Bingo night involves a lot of people, there’s a good chance that a few of them don’t own a home Bingo set. And even if everyone does own one, you can never have enough Bingo in your life. You can find Bingo sets online for under $10, though some of the nicer ones will run a bit more.

Starbucks gift cards
Who doesn’t love coffee? What’s that? Your friend Christine who suffers from acid reflux? Well it’s a good thing Starbucks offers pastries, teas, and other beverages, too. Bottom line? A coffee house gift card is a great gift everyone will love. It doesn’t have to be Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts, Tim Horton’s, or any other purveyor of fine caffeinated beverages will do. Best of all, most of these establishments let you load any amount onto a card, so you could potentially hand out gift cards with $1 or $2 on each. Sure, you might look cheap, but it’s the thought that counts.

A Bingo tote bag
You can find some very cool, custom Bingo products, including a great tote bag on Etsy. Prices range from $15 to $50, depending on what you want and who the artist is. But whatever you end up with, you’ll end up making the big Bingo winner very excited.

A Bingo mug
Want to wake up with Bingo on your mind? Then you need this Bingo mug, complete with a Bingo card printed right on it. Your Bingo night friends will love this and the winner will definitely think of your Bingo night every single morning. Or for something lighter and more fun, consider this pink “Keep calm and play Bingo” coffee mug as a great prize. We guarantee people will be fighting over this one.

A loaded account
Chances are people attending your home Bingo games really do love Bingo. So why not treat your winners to some really great Bingo action? By setting them up with a free account, your winners will be able to enjoy the gift of Bingo whenever they’re in the mood from their PC or Mac. It takes just a few minutes to create an account for them. All you need is a few pieces of basic information to get started.

When you’re done, you can quickly load their account with cash. You don’t have to go crazy. As little as $30 will do. Plus, you’ll even get them a bonus on that first deposit, making their account even more lucrative.

Get started at
If you’re craving Bingo action right now, why wait for your next Bingo night? Get started at right now where there’s always a game waiting to crush. To get started, all it takes is a free account. We can get you set up in a matter of minutes with a few pieces of information.

Once you’re registered, you can access a plethora of Bingo room, join online Bingo tournaments, and even access a full suite of online casino games. Remember, is open 24/7, but we recommend logging off when it’s time for that Bingo night. While it’s tempting to play, you’ve got all those prizes to hand out.