How to decorate your home with a Bingo theme

innerhome19102015Do you eat, sleep, and breathe Bingo? Then it’s time to enhance your home with Bingo themed décor, after all, making your surroundings flow perfectly with the things that make you happy is part of the fun.

Whether you’re hosting a Bingo party with your besties or you just want to be in the Bingo spirit all year round, regardless of who is over. There are several things you can do: Enhance your living room or family room (or wherever you keep your sofa) with Bingo pillows. These bright throw pillows add a pop of color to any room and really get you in the mood for a game of Bingo without being too kitschy.

Bingo Napkins: Having a dinner party? Consider these Epic Products Bingo Dinner Napkins. You can get an entire set for under $10. While they are more expensive than plain old white napkins, they’re a ton of fun. You should note that each Bingo Napkin is the same, so don’t try and host a Bingo game playing with these as cards.

Your Basement Bar: If you’ve got a basement bar or a mancave, it’s probably your Bingo hall of choice. If you want to jazz things up, consider some great Bingo wall art. This “Booze & Bingo” wall art makes a great addition to any basement Bingo hall.

The Lounge Room: If you’ve got a cozy spot in your house where you love to lounge, watch TV, read great books, and enjoy a cup of coffee on a cold fall day, you’ll definitely want some sort of warm blanket to stay snug. Or how about a quilt? Or, more specifically, a Bingo quilt? Here are some great Bingo quilt ideas that you can put together right now (assuming you know how to make a quilt).

Bingo Coasters: If you don’t want to damage your wood table (or if you don’t want to smash glass against glass) consider using coasters. And if you’re holding a get together for the holidays (or any time of year, really) make sure you’ve got Bingo coasters. You can buy premade Bingo coasters or create your own using photographs of winning Bingo cards.

The Bathroom:
Who says the Bingo fun has to stop just because someone needs a bathroom break? With Bingo towels, you can jazz up your powder room with Bingo-themed hand towels. And if you really want to go the extra mile, import some Bingo soap and really make an impression.

Bingo Pajamas: What you wear to bed isn’t usually considered home décor, but when you see this phenomenal Bingo jammies, you’ll want to wear them around the house all day. You can find a variety of Bingo-themed pajamas to wear around the house and to bed and each one is sure to make night at your home more interesting.

Have we got you in the mood for Bingo? Hop onto right now and enjoy a game anytime. You can play for free enjoy real money Bingo with just a few clicks. Plus, by putting on your laptop, you can instantly decorate your home office with a bit of Bingo!