How Bingo differs from Keno

innerkenobingo27112015Love Bingo? Or do you prefer Keno?

For many people, the games are similar and there isn’t much of difference, however, these people are seriously wrong:

Both involve cards, both involve numbers, Both involve winning big… But the truth? There are quite a few differences between Bingo and Keno and once you learn about them, you will never ever thenk of these games as one again.

Today we’re going to cover some of the major differences between Bingo and Keno, so read on for all you need to know.

A race against other people vs. a race against yourself

In Bingo, you’re playing against other people. Several different Bingo players sit down at the same time. They all buy cards for the same game. And when the clock begins, everyone is daubing Bingo cards at the same time. The first person to complete an eligible winning line wins, and when that happens the game is over.

In online Keno, you’re playing against yourself. There’s no waiting for a game to start. You simply take a seat whenever you feel like it. Choose your numbers. And then tell the game to draw numbers, hoping that yours match up. There’s no waiting for other players to sit down and compete against you because there are no other players to contend with.

Number, numbers, numbers

When you sit down to play online Keno, you’ll be presented with 80 numbers. And every number is present on the board—1 through 80. That differs greatly from Bingo where a typical card has 25 different numbers (and sometimes 24 if there’s a free space in the middle). What’s more, in Bingo, not all the numbers are present. While there may be 75 balls or 90 balls (depending on the type of Bingo game you’re playing), you won’t see all those numbers on a single Bingo card because only 25 are present.

Controlling your payouts

Keno is a fun game because you get to decide not how many games to play, but also what kind of payouts you want to shoot for. In Bingo, the prize is determined by the Bingo room you happen to be in, in advance. In Keno, however, you get paid out based on hits. When you play Keno online, you’ll be asked to choose 15 numbers. But you don’t have to play all of them. You can play as few as one number and as many as 15. The fewer numbers you choose, the higher your payouts will be for hitting a number.

For example, if you choose 15 numbers, hitting 7 of them will net you a payout of 12 on a $1 bet. But if you only played 8 numbers and happened to hit 7 of them, your payout jumps to 1600 (this varies from site to site, but you get the idea). In Bingo, you don’t have the luxury of controlling your payouts, but you can definitely win big, depending on how much you’ve bought in for.

Just the tip of the iceberg
There are loads of other differences between Bingo and Keno, but there are lots of similarities too. We invite you to discover the best of both worlds at When you create an account, you’ll also have access to some fantastic Keno games, directly on your PC or Mac. You can even play for free, so don’t miss out.