Halloween Is Over, But Scary Bingo Lives On


I know Halloween is over, but it’s usually during the months between Halloween and Christmas that I get nostalgic for the scariest holiday of the year. I walk through the malls and listen to the Christmas music, but I can’t help wish it were still Halloween.

The other night, I decided to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, an homage to both Halloween and everyone’s favorite holiday that’s clearly not as good as the pumpkin fest.

I was watching the flick in front of my TV with my laptop open, locked to 123BingoOnline.com. Playing online bingo while watching the movie was a hair-raising experience. And racing toward a finished bingo card gave me just as many goose bumps as the movie did. But what I came across next sent chills up my spine.

I don’t know how I ended up where I did, but I’m glad I landed there. I guess I was searching for live bingo halls to play at and somehow landed at the McLaughlin Bingo Hall in South Dakota. It’s one spooky place that I’m definitely going to head to next Halloween.

This place isn’t just a bingo hall. It’s a haunted bingo hall. Built on top of an ancient burial ground, McLaughlin Hall is renowned as one of America’s most haunted places to play bingo.

Visitors have reported really strange supernatural occurrences, including hearing a baby cry. Now, when I hear a baby cry in a movie theatre, I totally understand. People bring babies to movies all the times (though I don’t think they should). But considering bingo halls have a gambling age, there’s no excuse for crying.

Others have even reported seeing furniture move on its own. That would give me the creeps, which is why I’m heading there for a spooky vacation as soon as I can.

If you live in the US, definitely check it out. If you’re in the UK, head to The Gaumont theatre, which is now a bingo hall in Sutton. The property is famous for a “Gray Man” who seems to hang out there.

He’s been spotted so many times that back in 2011, bingo hall operators invited a team of ghost hunters to spend the night. During the overnight stay, the hunters heard slamming doors and strange noises. They also saw lights moving across the wall.

Not into being scared by ghosts? Head to 123BingoOnline and play online bingo from the comforts of home. It’s just like real bingo, without being spooked by the dead. Unless, of course, your house is haunted.