Fun Bingo Facts People Don’t Even Know About


The next time you sit down to play Bingo, you won’t be just playing a game. You’ll be participating in a cultural phenomenon filled with mystery, superstition, and general lunacy. We’re not kidding. Read on for some really fun Bingo facts most people don’t even know about.

  1. The term ‘Bingo’ seems so ubiquitous now, but the game was actually called Beano back in the day. Rumor has it the name was change when an overjoyed Beano winner accidentally screamed Bingo when he hit a row of numbers. Rather than make fun of him, they just changed the name. Makes sense.
  2. Think you go crazy trying to solve a math problem? Carl Leffler, a math professor at Columbia University, went insane after coming up with 6,000 number combinations for the game of Bingo.
  3. Bingo become incredibly popular after churches began using it to raise money for their congregations. We get it. Winning money playing Bingo is way more lucrative than dropping some coins onto the collection plate.
  4. Serious Bingo players are famous for being incredible superstitious. In fact, Bingo players are said to be more superstitious than poker players, Blackjack players, or players of any other casino game. The most diehard bingo players have lucky pens, lucky bracelets, lucky numbers, and…wait for it…lucky underwear. Not so lucky for the person sitting next to that superstitious Bingo player if you ask us.
  5. If you’re one of those superstitious players, you might be seen walking around your chair three times before taking a seat. Some people call that crazy. In some cultures, though, it’s the prelude to getting married.
  6. Bingo is good for your brain. Several studies show that playing Bingo can help you sharpen your mind and respond to situations quicker than those who don’t play Bingo.
  7. Who says you need to have gray hair to play Bingo? About 30% of today’s Bingo players are 35 or younger. And as more people discover the joy of online bingo, that number is climbing.

Want to play Bingo? You can do it right now at and win from the comforts of home. Just don’t scream Beano when you win. We’re not changing the name back in your honor.