Full rooms vs. Empty rooms: Which bingo hall is right for you?

What’s your ideal online bingo room scene? Packed with players? Or plenty of room to breathe?

If you’re like most people, it probably comes down to whether you like crowds in life outside of bingo. Take shopping for example. Some people love the energy of Thanksgiving Day sales while others prefer the tranquility that comes in January when everyone’s done their shopping.

And that’s especially true for bingo, online and live. Some folks prefer full bingo rooms while others prefer empty bingo halls.

So how do you know whether a packed online bingo room is better than an empty one? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Let us walk you through the differences.


Step into an online bingo room that’s packed with people and you’ve got tons of players to talk to. When it comes to playing bingo chat room games, packed online bingo rooms trump empty ones. More people means more fun. But when it comes to making new friends in a packed online bingo room, it’s also possible that you could get lost in the crowd. Type something into a bingo chat room and your comment could disappear in a matter of seconds as hundreds of new comments blow yours off the monitor.

When it comes to the offline world, empty bingo halls can feel a little lonely, but fewer people make it easier to socialize one-on-one with others. Some people prefer an intimate setting and an empty bingo hall delivers.


You can’t beat the speed of packed online bingo halls or live bingo rooms. With more bingo cards in play, someone is bound to hit Bingo! a lot sooner. So if you’re looking for a quick game, choose a packed online bingo hall. And to maximize your winning potential, play multiple bingo cards. With the online auto-daub feature, you won’t have to worry about finding and daubing your numbers manually.

Fun level

Again, it all comes down to what your definition of fun is. Some people love a relaxing experience. Others love an edge-of-your-seat bingo game. We recommend jumping between packed bingo rooms and empty bingo halls to see what you prefer.