Exciting Bingo Tournaments in August

Want to be a part of bingo tournaments? Bingo tournaments are gaining a great hype in the recent times. Considering this factor, 123BingoOnline.com launches an exciting range of bingo tournaments in August, specially targeting some special days. Friendship Day Bingo Tourney and Weekly Bingo Bonus Tourney, are the latest bingo tournaments on 123BingoOnline.

123 Bingo Online is one of the renowned free online bingo websites have a wide range of bingo tournaments every month. Starting with bingo tournaments in August, they have created a landmark for various online bingo websites. Since these tournaments specifically target a special day or week thus, it becomes all the more thrilling and exciting for the bingo players to play through such tourneys.

Let’s discuss, what these Bingo tournaments are all about:

Friendship Day Bingo Tourney: This August celebrate your relationship with your friends and loved ones by playing bingo on the Friendship Day Bingo Tourney. There are various lucrative offers given to the winners which makes the game all the more entertaining. In every 3 weeks, 3 winners are provided exciting prizes of Apple ipod, branded watch, exclusive diamond pendant and lot more. To qualify for this tourney, you need to satiate certain minimum entry restrictions, so please go through the various game rules on 123BingoOnline.com.

Weeks Bingo Bonus Tourney: It is the latest craze on 123BingoOnline.com. Just fulfill the minimum requirements and enjoy playing the Week’s Bingo Bonus Tourney all through the week. The main winner will win a grand cash amount and runners up will be awarded with various handsome rewards. So, what more are you looking for? Join 123BingoOnline.com, NOW and be the first to win on these bingo tournaments!