Elderly Couple Break Hips En Route To Bingo Hall


It’s no secret that bingo halls tend to attract the elderly. So this story we’re about to report hurts. Literally.

An elderly couple in the UK, who were on their way to play bingo, expecting a safe night out, are now in the hospital. No, they weren’t victims of some random robbery. They were victims of sidewalks and poor city planning.

The couple broke their hips after falling near the bingo hall. Cath Henry was walking arm in arm with her husband Lindon when her walking stick got caught in the pavement. She fell. He fell. And now both are recovering in hospital. Just swell.

It gets worse. This isn’t the result of a city not taking care of their sidewalks. The sidewalks are actually brand new. The city put in special pavement slabs with grooves in them to help visually impaired people realize that they’re approaching a crosswalk. Unfortunately, this somewhat helpful design is near a bingo hall, which is frequented by the elderly.

The new sidewalks were a response to legal requirement to comply with guidelines set out under the Disability Discrimination Act and Department for Transport.

But here’s the thing. By trying to help the visually impaired, they’ve made it difficult and dangerous for the elderly to walk safely. The grooves are loose and not very stable, rendering them unsafe.

In a statement, a cabinet member for transportation said, “We worked closely with the RNIB, Guide Dogs UK and Action for Blind People in developing the improvement works, and the raised surface along the edge of the paving area is necessary to distinguish between pedestrian and vehicle routes.”

That’s great and all, but by working closely with the blind, they’ve ignored the elderly. Hopefully the town can make life safer for all parties involved. Until then, you might want to stay home and play online bingo at 123BingoOnline.com. It’s way safer.