Different Online Bingo Bonus and No-Bonus Deposit Choices

Online gaming is hyper-competitive. That is why so many sites are now offering inventive ways to attract players to play. These methods include bonuses, such as add-on to deposits or free prizes. During the beginning days of these promotions, many players could earn a decent return simply by doing the minimum to earn the bonuses and then withdrawing the funds. Well, over time, the casinos were forced to put stricter rules around their bonus structures to prevent visitors from abusing their offerings.

The best way to handle this has been to restrict the withdrawals on the account until after a player has put any bonus they have earned at risk. In other words, they are making the player wager the money before they can request a withdrawal. That trend continued and now most online casinos or bingo sites are even restricting no-bonus deposits. Standard rules at sites will limit the when and how much a player can withdraw after making their initial deposit.

At 123Bingo, they are making things easier for the player, while still allowing online bingo bonus options for those who enjoy that level of involvement. Unfortunately, many gamblers get overwhelmed with the rules associated with these types of restrictions and never take the time to understand their options. So, to shed a little light on the issue, let’s take a deeper look at the different programs and promotions offered at 123bingoonline.com.

First, let’s take a look at the online bingo bonus. There are couple deposit bonuses, and what might be right for one person, may not be right for another. With all of these promotions, the standard rules still apply, unless otherwise noted as an exception.

•New Year Guaranteed Gifts. This is about as simple as it gets when it comes to promotions. Simply claim a gift for every fourth deposit you make. You can decide to take a free deposit instead, and we will explain the difference to that in a moment. If you decide to claim the gift though, you will get something from some of the best brands in the world. All you have to do to claim your gift in contact support with code: NEW YEARS GIFT after your fourth deposit.

•Collect Your Tokens! With this promotion you receive a token for every $5 you deposit to the site (with a minimum deposit of $26). The player with the most tokens wins a 30% withdraw-able cash back of the total deposits. Second place gets a $100 Amazon gift card. Anyone who reaches 200 tokens wins a prize.

•Bingo Referral Program. Again, a relatively straight forward program. Refer a friend and get $5 when they make their first deposit. In addition, you will earn a 25% bonus on any deposit they make during their first 90 days.

•No Wagering Please. The final promotion being offered right now is about as simple as you can get. If you don’t like jumping through hoops with the bonuses or withdrawal restrictions, you can opt to make a no-bonus deposit and withdraw it whenever you like.

Where bonuses and prizes are great for players who are going to be committed to the sites and are basically going to park that money at the site until they have played it all; they can be cumbersome for anyone looking to cash out their winnings. That is why a no-bonus deposit may be the best way for anyone in that situation. It essentially removes all the withdrawal restrictions, and keeps you from getting bogged down in rules and restrictions.