Cutest Bingo Cards for Kids


You got to admit it; Bingo is a game that never gets old! One of the things that I love the most about it is that is so versatile that it can be used for a lot of activities. From office parties, bridal showers to binge watching, a fun bingo game can be invented. However, I am most thankful for how much a simple game of bingo can entertain the little ones of the house.

When I had to babysit my brothers and cousins, I always ended up printing some cards quickly and organizing a bingo event to have them sit down for a while before my head exploded. And every time I did it, it worked like a charm. It cost me quite a few candy bars and ice cream sandwiches as jackpot but believe me it was totally worth it (at the end, I gave one to each, I am not a monster ha ha ha!)!

That is why I am sharing my most successful kid bingo cards finds with you , so they can help you with the kiddies when you need some peace , the only thing you need to do is call out the cards and relax. What I did, I got an tip from the wed and used a perfect kiddie version of daubers, which was a Dots & Dashes Paint Set by ALEX ®. They are small enough for them to handle without problem and without making a mess of markers or beans (which saved me a lot of cleanup time).

For the toddlers: I found a Happy Birthday Bingo with Cute Simple Pics that they can recognize and get excited about! I downloaded it here. What I really liked about this one is that it also helps them practice simple vocabulary. Although this is designed for a birthday party, don’t worry about the Happy Birthday legend on the cards; the players are so little that they don’t know how to read so for them it just means bingo party!

How about a fun game of bingo and then nap time? You can use this Dr. Seuss Bingo cards to get the kiddies excited for story time and then let them wonder off to the land of dreams while you relax and play some rounds at 123Bingo! That does sound too bad, am I right? Like Dr. Seuss said, “These things are fun and fun is good!” Download them here.

For the Pixar Fans: Toy Story Bingo! I don’t know about your kids, but my cousins and brothers have seen the Toy Story movies a million of times! So I found these Toy Story bingo cards that I could use. After Bingo was over, I played them the movie, gave them some Toy Story pictures to color, and we had a Toy Story inspired rainy afternoon! Get all the cards here.

Bingo on the Road? Challenge accepted! Ok, so one day I had my toughest Bingo challenge ever, I had to entertain my cousins in the back of this family bus my family had rented to go to the beach! So I found these bingo cards that point out stuff that you usually see on the street and was able to play this game for a long time. They even wanted to play twice! Score! I was the babysit hero that day! I found them in this thread and saved the pics.

I hope you have found with these fun card ideas and if you find other cool ones let me know! I am always looking for fun new ways to play bingo with family and friends, apart from all the fun I have by myself with all the online tables at 123Bingo!