Criminal robs elderly woman’s home while she’s out playing bingo


Add this to the “reasons to play online bingo at home” list. On Monday, December 8th, an elderly woman was out playing bingo in the United Kingdom as she does on a weekly basis.

While she was out, thieves broke into her home and swiped £170 in cash, plus a lottery ticket. The woman, who wasn’t home at the time, was uninjured in the break-in, though the shock of returning home to find her home compromised likely caused some mental anguish.

If you play bingo outside your house, you should take regular precautions when leaving the house. Invest in an alarm system. If you have a dog, that’s definitely helpful. It’s also a good idea to leave lights on when you leave, both in and outside your house. Invest in some timers to turn the lights on and off so it looks like you’re home. If you have WiFi light bulbs like Philips Hue, you can set timers remotely and even turn the lights on and off from your iPhone or Android.

These are all good tips, not just for bingo players, but for anyone leaving their house. But bingo players should take extra care. Why? Because chances are, if you play bingo, you do so regularly on some sort of schedule.Perhaps your bingo night runs every Monday from 6pm through 10pm. You’re out the door at 5:45 and you return home at 10:30. That’s almost a 5-hour window for thieves to do some damage. And seasoned burglars will stake out a house in advance and take notice of a person’s schedule.

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