Crazy Ways to Yell Bingo


Bingo is a relatively simple game to understand. A caller announces a selection of letter and number combinations that correspond to squares on the players’ cards. When one player gets a specific pattern of these squares covered, he or she wins. While all of this is straightforward, there is one area of bingo in which there is plenty of room for personalization and creativity: announcing the victory.

Announcing a victory in bingo is completed by screaming the word ‘bingo’ as loudly as possible to let the whole room know that you are the champion. While the majority of players stick to the basics when proclaiming their triumph, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of fun, crazy ways to yell bingo if you’re in the mood for a little theatrics.

A Historic Announcement

Any bingo historian could tell you that, in the early 20th century, bingo was referred to as housie throughout Australia. Played in large marquees, these games typically featured tons of players, and the winner didn’t have bingo on his or her mind. Instead, other players would hear, “House!” If you’re feeling a bit historic, why not salute the golden days of housie in the Land Down Under by proclaiming your victory with this unusual celebratory call?

Calling your Spots

In some cases, particular numbers have nicknames of their own in Bingo halls. For example, 11 is commonly known as ‘legs’ for its anatomical appearance. If you want to impress the others in the bingo game, consider announcing your victory by proclaiming the number that gave you the victory. Did you just hear O-66? If so, stand up and shout, “Clickety click!” Put your hands into a position to snap your fingers, and you’ll see your winning combination looking back at you. Other creative nicknames include Heinz (G-57), Top of Shop (O-90) and Two Little Ducks (I-22). Quack, quack!

Serenade your Victory

If you think of yourself as a great singer, then it may be a great idea to sing your own praises when announcing your bingo triumph. The song choices are almost limitless, but it never hurts to choose a tune that’s bingo-related. If that brings you back to a song about a famous farmer and his loyal canine companion, so be it! Take your concert to the next level by preparing background music with either your cell phone or a small radio. The other players are sure to enjoy your antics, which can only serve to make the bingo hall an even more fun place to be.

The Silent Auction

If you’d prefer a more understated approach, you might want to prepare an auction-style paddle with the word ‘Bingo’ printed on it. When you get that final number, simply hold up your victory flag and allow others to revel in your accomplishment. It can be incredibly satisfying to silently claim victory and bring home the big prize.However you choose to yell bingo, the most important thing is to have fun. Win or lose, bingo is a great way to bring people together for an enjoyable gambling experience.