Cocaine-Selling, Bingo-Playing Granny And Other Bingo Stories Of The Week


We’ve heard of enjoying a Coke while playing Bingo, but this is just ridiculous. A 50-year-old grandmother has been fined €750 (about $870) for possessing cocaine with the intention to sell it. Helen Heaphy of Cork, Ireland was arrested last July for having cocaine on her person outside a bingo hall. The verdict spares her jail time.

The coke-selling granny wasn’t the only Bingo crime story of the week. In keeping with our theme of unruly grandmothers making headlines, a 68-year-old woman in Florida was arrested for causing a disturbance in a suburban bingo hall.

Julia Garabo of Delray Beach, Florida said she asked to speak to a manager after a group of women called her various names. But according to the manager, Garabo was yelling racial slurs at the group of women, which caused them to react. The manager asked Garabo to leave and requested the help of a police officer when she continued to argue.

Rather than heeding the advice of law enforcement, she pulled the police radio off of his vest. The officer arrested Garabo, but the little old lady had to be pinned to the ground in the process.

With these two big items in the news, you’d think that live Bingo was just reserved for criminals and no good could come from playing Bingo. But that’s far from the truth.

People win big playing Bingo every day. It happens all the time onine at And it happens live at Bingo halls all around the world. It also happens at university campuses across the US as evidenced at Longwood University in Virginia.

The student programming board hosted its Welcome Back Bingo Night with all kinds of prizes. Up for grabs were toilet paper, laundry supplies, and coffee mugs. Hey, we’re dealing with starving students so these are actually amazing prizes. There was also a Keurig coffee maker and a PlayStation 4, so it wasn’t all about necessities.

People showed up to play in droves, not just because they really wanted toilet paper, but also because Bingo is a blast. We expect to see some of these students online at soon. But that cocaine-dealing granny and her intolerant counterpart in Florida? They can stay offline.