Classic Casino Games: What’s the deal with Keno?

If you’ve signed up with an online bingo site because you love to play bingo, there’s a good chance you’ve ignored the casino games that might be a part of the bingo site’s software suite.

We totally get it. After all, you’re here to play bingo. You’re not interested in playing the slots. You don’t care about all the best casino games that might be just a few clicks away. Blackjack isn’t your thing. You don’t know a double down from a split. And craps seems way too complicated.

Bottom line? If you wanted to play the best casino games, you would have signed up to play at an online casino, not an online bingo site.

But before you choose to totally ignore all the casino games available for your enjoyment, there’s one particular game that you need to know about.

It’s called Keno, and if you love to play Bingo, you’re going to love this game as well.

Just like online bingo, Keno is all about numbers. The difference? Instead of buying a card and hoping that your pre-selected numbers play out, Keno puts you in full control. Here’s how it works.

From a keno card, you select a series of numbers. There are 80 numbers in all, and how many of them you can select vary from casino to casino. In some keno games, you can choose up to 20 numbers. Others limit you to 15. Some limit you to 10.

After you’ve selected your numbers, the casino selects their numbers. If your numbers match up, you win. The amount of money you can win depends on how many numbers you hit.

Keno is part bingo, part lottery, and all out thrilling. Even if you’re only into bingo—and even if you’ve never been tempted by casino games in your life—we think you’ll find that keno is not only one of the best casino games around, but it’s also in a class of its own.

  • betty4214

    am betty4214 am trying to get help with keno numbers my numbers i want is 3 6 33 23 61 63 5 9 i can not find out how to do it could someone please help me please