California Sues Indian Tribe For Running Online Bingo


Be careful where you play online bingo because not all Internet bingo sites are created equal. Case in point? The online bingo site operated by the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel in California. I have yet to play here, but apparently the fact that I can irks the government of California.

The Attorney General is suing the tribe for offering online bingo to those who aren’t physically present on the tribe’s land. That state argues that doing so is in violation of the state compact signed with the tribe.

The California tribe announced they would offer online bingo to players 18 years of old and older. The online bingo site works just like ours. Players use their credit card to fund their account, and then they grab some cards and go to town.

The majority of the people gambling are playing while on tribal land. But here’s the main issue. The state was able to create an account and play from off the tribal land, which means it’s technically open to anyone.

That seems to violate the law because the tribe has a compact with the state of California. It allows them to run bingo on their land, but not off of it. And the compact is fairly clear. It states that the tribe can offer gambling on gaming devices or “any devices or games that are authorized under state law to the California State Lottery, provided that the (Tribe) will not offer such games through use of the Internet unless others in the state are permitted to do so under state and federal law.”

So how do sites like offer online bingo legally to players? Well, we’re not based in the United States, but we’re based in countries that license online gambling internationally. That means we respect international laws, and we respect the US law by not offering games from within the United States. Our headquarters and game servers are based elsewhere so that we can safely and legally serve US players.

But this isn’t about us. It’s about an Indian tribe violating an agreement they made with a government body. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. After all, state governments don’t really make a habit on stepping on the toes of Native Americans, especially when it comes to gambling.

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