Bingo: Winning strategies to put you on top

There are two types of bingo players.

There are those who daub blindly and hope that luck will get them to the finish line first. And then there are those who walk into a bingo hall with the determination and focus of a 5-star General preparing for battle.

If you’re goal is to just play bingo, feel free to play blindly. Grab one bingo card and chat with your friends while you play.

But if you’re goal is to actually win bingo, it’s time to stand at attention, soldier.

Today, we’re going to run through some key strategies you can’t ignore if you want to win at bingo—online and off.

Strategy #1: Play multiple cards

Bingo is essentially a race to the finish line. The first to fill their card and shout Bingo! wins. If you’ve got one card, you’re in the game. But if you play multiple cards, you’re on top of your game.

Playing multiple cards can give you an edge if you’re trying to win at bingo. That’s because instead of the cards going to a bunch of other individual players, they’ll end up in your hands. And that means you’ve got more chances to win.

If you want to play multiple bingo cards in a bingo hall, you need serious focus. But if you’re playing online, you actually don’t need to concentrate that hard. That’s because a good online bingo site will offer you an auto-daub function. That means that your bingo cards are daubed for you as the numbers are called. In many cases, you’ll need to still watch for a full card and manually press a button to yell Bingo!, but since most of the work is done for you, you can sit back and watch until you’re getting close.

Strategy #2: Play online chat room games

Bingo chat games aren’t just great to entertain you, they’re also useful for keeping your mind sharp. Studies have shown that learning new things is great for your mind. And since online bingo chat room games often include trivia, it could help keep you sharp—something that will come in handy when you’re trying to concentrate at a bingo hall.

Strategy #3: Brush up on your patterns

Bingo isn’t always about straight lines. Many bingo halls incorporate bingo patterns into games to add an extra element of fun. If you’re not used to thinking about patterns while trying to win at bingo, we recommend brushing up on all the different types of bingo patterns.

There you have it—three key strategies you can start using right now to win at bingo. They’re helpful whether you’re a casual bingo player or a diehard dauber, so work them into your next online bingo adventure and start winning more often.