Bingo Tips to Start Off 2015 with an Impact


The Old Year has gone, and the New Year has finally arrived in full swing. The festivities have come and gone as well, and now everything is back to dull and normal. Dealing with the humdrum of normal everyday life again after all the fun holidays can prove to be difficult, for sure. Sometimes it is better to find something to distract your mind from the fact that it’s January again.

For a bingo fan, this will most likely mean playing bingo. If that is your plan to wash away the beginning-of-the-year blues then we’ve got the games for you. Of course, the game of bingo is mainly based on the luck of the draw, but there actually are a few things that you can do to improve your game. Here are a few Bingo tips to start off 2015.

Tip #1: Pick the games to play that have a low fixed number of players let in a game. If you play bingo in a very crowded hall, the game can become hectic and your chances at winning are very low. Obviously, things are different if you are playing online like here at 123Bingo Online. Regardless you might want to choose a virtual bingo room with less people playing in it.

Tip #2: The more experience playing bingo you have the better. Acquire as much bingo proficiency as you can. There are various ways to do so. You can join a bingo club, participate in bingo tournaments, play as many games as you can, and play online. It is also a good idea to interact courteously with the other players in the game, whether it is physical or virtual. There is nothing like learning from others’ experiences. Openly share some of your bingo experiences, too, and collect tips and pieces of advice from various newsletters and forums of the bingo clubs.

Tip #3: Definitely watch out for the bonus balls of bingo. They usually have a different color from the rest of the balls. If the bonus balls are called out and you have it marked on your bingo card, then you would either get special bonus points or double your winnings. That is always awesome! Look for the bonus bingo games on 123Bingo.

Tip #4: It is recommendable to choose bingo cards that are of higher denominations like 25 cents or higher because these cards will ensure higher winnings for you. The higher the denomination of the bingo card, the better your winnings will be. 123Bingo has bingo cards of varying denominations. Check them out.

Tip #5: Make sure you always check various reviews of online bingo sites. You need to know which of them are reputable and trustworthy with regards to the games and the payoffs. Beware of the fraudulent online bingo sites, and never jeopardize even a single cent of your hard-earned money on those sites. Here at 123Bingo we can assure you honest and forthright service, but we also invite you to read our reviews so you don’t just take our word for it.

Tip #6: It is better to play with no more than a few cards at a time. That way you can keep every card under control and have a great game. You will never enjoy bingo if you are playing too many cards in a single game. You will definitely lose control of the game and of the numbers. The number of bingo cards played should be no more than what you can keep track of calmly during the game.

Tip #7: If you are going to play bingo, play bingo like a professional. In other words, know to quit playing when you are ahead or on a losing streak. There is nothing wrong with walking away from the bingo hall or computer when you know you should. Never chase wins.

Tip #8: Pay enough attention to the winnings numbers and keeping track and marking them down on your cards. Take special care to make sure that the numbers you marked are really the called out numbers to avoid disappointment later on in the game. You don’t want to embarrass yourself calling out bingo and not actually having it. The good thing about 123Bingo is that this won’t happen, but you should still pay mind to your cards.

Tip #9: It is always a good idea to take advantage of the bonus bingo that reputable online bingo sites offer to players. 123Bingo has some great bonus bingo games for you to take advantage of.

Tip #10: There are online bingo sites, like 123Bingo, that allow you to play as many cards as you like to play in a game. If you aren’t a very experienced bingo player, it is best to stick on or two bingo cards. Sure, having more gets you higher probabilities of winning, but it also can become very confusing and hard to keep track of it all. If you do have the experience, then by all means take advantage of playing more cards.