Bingo: The next big thing for Hipsters

innerhipster25112015What does it take to look like a Hipster? First put on a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and tell people you can barely see (while in reality, you’re wearing false lenses with no prescription). Then, spend hours on your hour to get that perfect “I don’t care enough to style my hair” look. When that’s done, don one of your patterned ties. But just so you’re not too dressed up, make sure you’re wearing jeans. Loose fitting won’t do. They need to be as skinny and uncomfortable as humanly possible. If they look like they’re painted on, even better.

If all this sounds too complicated, you could just start playing Bingo.

Yup, it turns out Bingo is the latest trend to enter the world of Hipsters is Bingo. Now, instead of seeing gray-haired senior citizens daubing Bingo cards in church basements, you’ll see young 30-somethings sipping overpriced bean juice (that’s what they call it now) at independent coffee shops stamping those Bingo cards.

The fan of all things old school is what’s been making Bingo so popular again. The Hipster lifestyle is all about following the latest trends, particularly those that are regarded as being on the fringes of mainstream culture. And Bingo definitely fits the bill.

Those who laugh at Hipsters are probably already making their argument. It goes something like this:

Great, another Hipster who thinks he’s so original just because he’s doing something that people already do, except dressed in stupid glasses.

As much as some of us around the office love making fun of Hipsters (and believe us, there are lots of Hipsters working at, so there’s a nice balance), the truth is that their affinity for the game is helping small business.

Since holding Bingo nights, several venues have seen their business skyrocket. For example, Mississippi Pizza Pub/Atlantis Lounge experienced increased revenue on Mondays by holding Bingo and Bourbon nights a few months ago. The once-dead business day is now booming, week after week.

But will Hipsters’ love of Bingo translate to online? While some believe that Hipsters will inevitably gravitate to the online game after playing it live, the truth is that Hipsters like to advertise that they’re Hipsters. It’s tough to let the world know you’re your own person and culturally superior to everyone else when you’re logged in online at home.

Still, we’re happy to report that at, we’re seeing an increase in traffic since the Hipster Bingo craze began. We can’t necessarily attribute our increased Bingo room numbers to Hipsters, nor can we attribute loads of new signups to Hipsters. After all, we don’t ask new signups if they wear wildly expensive clothing that looks like they’re from thrift shops. But what we do know is that online Bingo is getting more and more popular, so whether or not we have Hipsters to thank, it’s a good thing.

If you’re in the mood for Bingo, we’ve got games running 24/7 at You can win real money or play for free. You can play from the comforts of home in your pajamas. Or from your local bar in uncomfortable Hipster jeans. Everyone is welcome, so come check us out.