Bingo News: Pantsless man storms bingo hall


If you play online bingo, then you know that you have the luxury of playing bingo wearing whatever your heart desires. A tux, if you want. A t-shirt and jeans. Sweatpants. No pants. Naked, if that’s your thing.

Honestly, we don’t judge. And neither does anyone else you’re playing with because they can’t see you. And there’s a good chance they’re doing the same thing. That’s the luxury of playing online bingo. Anywhere. Any time. Wear anything. Or nothing.

Unfortunately, every once in a while, people get online bingo and live bingo confused. And then insanity—or hilarity—ensues.

Case in point? Consider what happened in Louisville Kentucky back on December, 26, 2013. It was the day after Christmas and like many cities in America, people had a little extra time off to enjoy life. Bingo fans headed over to a Bingo hall in the 9200 block of Blue Lick Road to have some fun playing they game they all love.

Now, if you’re new to bingo, you know that when you’ve got a full bingo card and have completed a winning line, you scream bingo. So to hear someone shout, “Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!” nonstop while running up and down the aisles wouldn’t be that bizarre… Unless, of course, his pants were down.

Yup, a man by the name of Deharra Waters was arrested for disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication. After running around the bingo hall with his pants down around his ankles while screaming Bingo like a madman, the police arrived and laid the charges.

This got us thinking. Was he really intoxicated? Or was he just confused?

Think about it. If you’re used to doing a certain thing over and over again, you might not see anything wrong with doing the same thing in other situations. Perhaps Deharra was so used to playing online bingo with his pants off that when he did so in public, it felt perfectly natural.

Whatever the reason for the pantsless escapade, we’d love to get in contact with Deharra Waters and offer him a free account with $100 in cash loaded. So if that’s you, let’s talk.

Of course, you don’t have to not wear pants to score free money. Anyone who signs up to play earns a big deposit worth up to 1500%, plus $25 free to start with. So go ahead. Deposit now. We don’t care what you wear.