Bingo Detective: 5 Bingo Myths Uncovered

Because online Bingo is increasing in popularity, there are thousands of Bingo sites popping up which means that there are 2x more “authoritative” Bingo articles online.

Just because the article, blog post, or video tutorial says that they are the authority on Bingo and their tips should be followed, doesn’t mean that they aren’t feeding you grass and calling it arugula salad.

Before you play Bingo using any of the “tips” you get online, make sure you know all about these 5 Bingo myths.

Myth #1: Buy More, Win More

“The more Bingo cards you buy, the higher your chances of winning.” This is false. The more cards you buy, the more money you spend which may or may not be returned to you. Think about it, the more cards you buy, the more chances are that you’ll miss a called number, get distracted, or forget to call BINGO at all. Keep your card count to one or two; you can play longer and have more fun.

Myth #2: Win More with Perfect Patterns

“Diagonal patterns have a higher chance of winning than up-down patterns.” Um, does the Bingo caller know the numbers on your card? Does the RNG on the online Bingo game know what numbers you have on your card? No? So what makes you think that they will call numbers based strictly on which pattern the called numbers will take? This is simple common sense.

Myth #3: The Perfect Bingo Strategy

“If you play on the first Thursday of each week at 3:03 pm, you’ll win FOR SURE!” This Bingo myth is just as bad as saying, “Dance on your left foot 47 times, rub your belly 12 times, and spit into the north wind twice and you’ll find the hidden door into the Misty Mountain.”

Myth #4: Beat the Computer

“You can win at online Bingo if you can beat the system.” Unless you know how to hack a random number generator, this Bingo myth is about as useful as vegan cheese on a bacon burger.

Myth #5: Online Bingo has Bad Odds

“You’ll win more if you play Bingo in Bingo halls. Online Bingo isn’t really Bingo.” LIES! offers only the best Bingo games, chat rooms, and Bingo bonuses to its members. All of our Bingo games come with a chance of winning REAL money. Do Bingo halls offer chat room bonuses, sign up bonuses, and other hot bonuses to their members? No? Well then they couldn’t possibly offer more chances to win, could they?

If you fall for them, Bingo myths can take all the fun out of the game. Dispel the myths, have fun, and win big.