Big push to support charity gets Bingo players excited


It’s no secret that various charities use Bingo to help reach their initiatives. In many cases, some of the money goes to operating the Bingo night and not a ton of cash ends up reaching the charity. But the story we just came across melts our hearts.

Friends of a University Lutheran Center student in North Fargo put together a Bingo night in her name. Dubbed ‘Bingo For Boller‘ the Bingo night was put in with the sole focus of helping university student Kassandra Boller, who recently required invasive brain surgery.

The friends wanted to help Kassandra and her family with the costs associated with surgery. The group hoped to raise money through the Bingo night, but they also set up a special GoFundMe page for those who couldn’t attend. If you are inspired by this story, check it out here.

It’s not just individual people getting together to create a charitable Bingo night for their friend that’s making the news. Major Bingo halls are getting in on the action, too. Two Cashino Adult Gaming Centres and a Beacon Bingo in Northampton, UK have gotten together in support of charity.

Their goal was to raise money for CHIPS, which is a children’s charity that enhances young people’s lives by providing them with a special powered wheelchair. The powered wheelchairs go to those with severe mobility problems. As a result of the fundraising efforts, a total of 17 young people around the UK are now getting their hands on these specialized wheelchairs.

We love hearing about stories like these. If you’re inspired to create your own Bingo charity night, don’t forget to check your local Bingo charity laws. In many jurisdictions, you’re required to obtain a license in order to host a Bingo night. Even if your intentions are good, you could end up in serious trouble if you don’t check your local laws.

The good news? Most municipalities are willing to work with you to host a charitable Bingo night, so just reach out and ask. You might be surprised by how easy it is to turn those Bingo numbers called into charity dollars.