9-Line Slot Machines: How many lines should you play?

If you love playing multiple bingo cards, you’re in luck. At the online slots, you can play multiple slot paylines, too. It’s a great way to maximize your chances of winning at the online slots.

Most online slots players are used to playing 25-payline and 50-payline slot machines. And most online slot machine players choose to play anywhere from half to all of the paylines.

9-line slot machines have become incredibly popular around the world and online. But one question still seems to pop up from players who are used to paying 25-line or 50-line slot machines: How many lines should I play in a nine-line slot machine?

Those who play 25-line slot machines might choose to play only 12 lines, which amounts to, essentially, half the available lines of the machine. But is doing the same in a nine-line slot machine the right way to win?

We don’t believe so. 9-line slot machines are a different breed, and we recommend that you play all nine lines if you want to win more often and maximize your slot payouts with more slot paylines. Here’s why:

Wild Symbols—If you play less than all nine lines, you risk missing out on the wild symbols. Just like the joker in a deck of cards, wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol. The wild symbol in 9-line slots varies based on the theme, but the premise is the same.

Wild Multipliers—Some 9-line slots have wild multipliers. That means that not only is the symbol wild, but it also multiplies your win by a set amount, increasing your payout per slot payline. So if you’ve won 100 tokens and the wild multiplier of the 9-line slots is 5, you’d win 500 tokens. Again, by not playing all nine lines of the 9-line slot machine, you could risk missing out on hitting a wild multiplier.

But what if you have a limited budget and you don’t want to play all nine lines right off the bat? Can you win without playing all nine lines?

Absolutely. In fact, scatter symbols increase your chances of winning because you don’t have to line them up in order to win. By hitting a specified number of scatter symbols, you’ll be taken to a bonus round. The number of scatter symbols you need depends on the nine-line slot machine you’re playing, so consult the rules first to make sure you know how it works.