5 Tips to Become a Better Bingo Player


There is no doubt that bingo is all about luck and basically there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the outcome of the game; however, there are some tips and tricks for those who take bingo seriously and want to become the very best players they can. When you are playing with 50 cards some strategy can be really helpful.

Here at 123Bingo Online, we want you to become the best Bingo Player you can possibly be, so we took some time to investigate how can you improve your game and really make it work to your advantage, this is why we come up with these 5 Tips to Become a Better Bingo Player.

Besides loving the game, paying attention and knowing the rules, there are simple tricks you can put to practice and trust us, these will certainly make a difference on your game play:

1. Do Not Take More Than You can Handle

Bingo players usually take more than single card per game. While this is a good idea as it increases the chances of winning a lot you should be careful. You should take only as many cards as you are sure you will be able to monitor well. Otherwise you might miss some numbers and that is not a good thing. Besides, being all tensed removes all the excitement and fun from the game.

2. Avoid too Much Competition

?More people at the bingo hall means less chances at winning; so, always choose a room that does not have so many players at once. Time also matters here, weekends are usually the busiest at the bingo halls; consider playing on days between Monday and Thursday. Another thing is that when it is too crowdy the game is no longer that exciting as you have to concentrate hard on the cards.

3. Know the Limit

Do not get greedy and play the game for many hours continuously even if you are winning all the time; in the end it will get really boring, you will not be as focused and might start missing out numbers. Limiting you time playing bingo will make the proceeding games more exciting and fun.

4. Respect the Traditions

If you are into bingo you might already know that players are usually all obsessed with luck and superstition. They have all kinds of charms, special seats and various traditions. In case you are cherishing your luck as well, then you better arrive at the bingo hall little early to get the best seat.

5. Listen to What Veterans Have to Say

Experienced bingo players who have been playing the game for many years can actually share some really valuable tips with the fellow players while playing; be sure to listen to them carefully. If you do not want to be distracted with the talking during the game you can become a member on different forums where you can find lots of advices on playing bingo. Also, consider joining bingo clubs where you can gain great insight on bingo industry in general.